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Tweet Tweet – Guest Bloggers!


One day I was cruising the web and I stumble on a place called I ♥ Faces. I fell in love immediately. Co-Founded By Amy & Angie, this site is full of tutorials, contest and other goodies!! If you are not a follower already, you MUST sign up today!

The gals of I ♥ Faces introduced us to the importance of Twitter (in the business sense) and were kind enough to be our Guest Bloggers for today!

We are so thankful to them for taking time to do this for us. Take sometime and read through…you will be tweeting on no time!

Be sure to check out their site this and every Friday for my favorite Fix-It-Friday, a great way to motivate yourself, get ideas, and learn some also tips and tricks for post processing!

Why You Should Twitter

Twitter is an amazing communication tool. If you have a business or website, you need to take advantage and get on Twitter ASAP. The entire promotion for our web site, I Heart Faces, was done through social media avenues and Twitter was the top referrer by far! We launched our site just a few short months ago and it has grown by leaps and bounds because we were able to reach much of our target market by following photographers on Twitter. Through Twitter you not only promote your business, but can also make relationships with your customers, get their feedback about your product or site and talk with people you might never reach through email.

Our favorite part of Twitter is the connection made to people through typing 140 characters or less. Just a few weeks ago we chatted with a writer/photographer for a well known photography website. He found our site through Twitter and joined our weekly photo contests. Then we asked him (through Twitter) to be a judge and he was thrilled! Amy has personally been contacted for new graphic design business through Twitter and has also met several great freelancers to help her in busy times.

Did we mention it’s a lot of fun too? We recently hosted our first photography Twitter party under the hashtag #iheartfaces. You can search specific hashtags to follow what people are saying on At our first party, had over 70 participants and beat The Bachelor on their finale night for the most searched Twitter trends! That right there was great advertising and we didn’t spend a dime. Want to find out more?

  • has everything you need to know and then some.
  • Too busy? Tweet Later is a service that allows you to automatically set tweets to a certain time. You can schedule them in advance. Not as personable, but it’s great when you’re busy! It also sends you your replies via email so you don’t have to stay on Twitter all day.
  • Don’t forget to find out your Twitter Grade to see where you rank. We don’t know what it means, but it’s fun to check:-)

Have fun and we hope to see you on Twitter! Amy & Angie are Co-Founders of I Heart Faces, a photography blog devoted to the art of faces with weekly contests, tutorials and great tips.

Follow them on Twitter here: @iheartfaces


  1. Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves & "Fringies" Professional Photo Portrait Props says:

    I love twitter because it allows me to meet new people I wouldn’t have made contact with otherwise!
    Celeste (Crickets)

  2. I JUST learned how to twitter this week… AMAZING! Now, I’m afraid… I LOVE IT! :) Thanks girls, great info here

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