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Robin Long | Newborn Guide to Photography & Posing book


Looking for a great new “book” this Christmas?
One that is not only darling and cute… but also a learning tool?

Thank check out the Newborn Guide to Photography & Posing, by Robin Long!
$85, and an printed actual book
Softcover PRINTED 7×7 square book with 80 pages

I have not personally seen, read or reviewed the book myself…
but it sure looks like a fun read…
and something that would be on my holiday “wish list”!

Excerpts from her book intro:

I see a newborn baby as pure, natural and organic.  Newborns are simple and untouched by the world around them,
inspiring me to create natural art with their curly, squishy little bodies.  Once I hold a newborn in my arms, I begin to think
of how I’m going to create pure art with this tiny little person.

Each baby has their own personality that will some day, mold and shape them into who they will become.  If we, as
newborn photographers, can draw upon the inspiration from each of them to create and capture the first days of their
life, we can show the world just what a miracle they truly are.  Photographing a newborn baby is one of the most
rewarding feelings you will ever know. I love to capture the “womb-like” and “natural” poses babies love.
These poses are the ones that  show how pure they truly are, and the ones parents will always treasure.

While we all love to shape and create them into our own little squishy poses, don’t discount the importance of
“natural” poses.  You will capture a moment that is truly pure.

The Newborn Photography Guide to Posing is a 7×7 Square printed & bound book filled with tons of photos and information to help guide you through a newborn session.  You’ll find tips and tricks on posing, soothing baby, camera and lighting techniques, set up, baby tools every photographer needs, vendor list, transitioning from pose to pose, post processing, and more!  Robin is an Award Winning Photographer based in Salem, Oregon and runs a successful portrait studio.  Robin has also partnered with Keri Meyers Photography where they work together on teaching the purebaby workshop.  You can find details of her book at Robin’s Little Nest ( and the purebaby workshop (


  1. Karla Felix says:

    This is on my Christmas list.

  2. Would totally buy this if it was around $40… $85 is a bit much lol.

  3. it looks beautiful!

  4. Yeah i agree with stephen. Looks awesome though

  5. Love it! The babies look so sweet. I want this!

  6. Lynette Weber says:

    I so want this and I think she had it on sale but I missed it I can’t really afford $85 for the book right now though! :(

  7. Any chance PI readers will get a coupon code of sorts for this?? I would love it – unfortunately $85 is a little out of my budget..

  8. Claudia Wiedenmann says:

    Im with pp. I wish I had the funds! If there was a sale I would so get it!

  9. OMGsh. This guide would be a gift to have!

  10. if it’s chock full of all the info that the reviews say it is…it is WELL WORTH $85! after all, that is a fraction of the price of the actual workshop (which is what i’d love to do, but that’s way outta my budget right now! so in the meantime, the book is a steal to obtain the posing info i need! 😉

  11. Amy Robins says:

    Looks cool but I would never pay $85.00 for a small 80 page book.

  12. Really, Really, Sorry that I bought it, save your pennies. If you have seen her images that is all that the book is. Tips are so basic like the tooshie in the air the tip is put a blanket under. The hanging poses the guide is to have two people help and if you don’t feel safe don’t do it. Wish there was a refund available :( No tips on how it is accomplished really just a look book.

    • In defense of Robin, and many tutorial books.. they are
      alot of look/see type books. And alot of the steps are easy… yep… however my lil brain wouldnt have thought of them myself, lol, so I am thankful for that. Raquel, I bet you could sell the book to someone looking for it used…, has a great buy/sell/trade section.. I bet someone would snatch it up from ya :) HTH!

  13. I am sorry Robin and readers, I didn’t mean to be rude. It just should of been mentioned that they wouldn’t be showing you how to do these poses. I can look at an image but may still not know how it is done correctly. This book led one to believe that you would be able to create these poses after reading the book but this is not so. I was sad when I received it and truly disappointed.

  14. I have to agree with Raquel I this one.
    I felt a bit jibbed when I received the book and it was all images. I too was lead to believe this was a step by step book on how to do each pose (as in set up and baby placement, tips if things did go wrong etc;)
    I could have got all the images in the book off the net and not only that the information guide I too could get that off the net for free. My biggest waste of money to date. Thankfully found a great site and paid less than $85 for an hour video which showed me how to do 10 poses and included how to set it up – money much better spent. Sorry to others but I to think the Robin Long book should be more informative for the price.

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