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Purple Sheep Designs | Feature & Giveaway


Hello Everyone!  I hope your 2012 is off to a GREAT start!  If it’s not, this should make it all better :-)

Purple Sheep Designs is absolutely wonderful!!  She has the cutest hats, beanies, cocoons, diaper covers and other knits.  You definitely have to check her out :-)  I have the most adorable hat set from her that includes a matching beanie baby!  AHHHH, How cute is that!!!

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop as well and show her some love on FB to stay updated on the latest happenings!

WHO WANTS TO WIN A $30 GC to Purple Sheep?!?

Head over to her Etsy shop and take a look around :-)

Then come back here and tell us what your favorite item is :-)


  1. I like her Jack frost beanie. So cute!

  2. I follow PI on twitter @trulescentmama

  3. i would say my favorite is the Earflap hat and diaper cover

  4. heather hartlen says:

    the sock monkey set is by far my fav. I LOVE sock monkeys haha

  5. heather hartlen says:

    following on twitter (i’m @heatherhartlen)

  6. heather hartlen says:

    facebook fan

  7. heather hartlen says:

    took a look around the shop, but kinda confused about how it works haha.

  8. I love the tiger hat and the red Christmas hats!! :)

  9. I am a follower of PI!! @HoneyBeeFotos

  10. I am a huge fan of yours truly!!

  11. I am subscribed to PI!

  12. I have looked around at these awesome vendors! <3

  13. Stacie D. Photography says:

    I actually like the monkey hat and the toddler pom pom hat.

  14. Stacie D. Photography says:

    I follow PI on Twitter

  15. Stacie D. Photography says:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  16. Stacie D. Photography says:

    Visited the prop shops!

  17. Stacie D. Photography says:

    I like you on FB

  18. I would love diaper covers!

  19. I’m a PI fb fan

  20. I look through the shops

  21. I like the penguin hat and the twin beanies!!!

  22. I have the PI button on my blog!

  23. I follow PI on twitter

  24. I subscribe to the PI feed

  25. I visit the prop shops!

  26. LOOOVE the pigtail hat!

  27. I subscribe to PI’s feed

  28. I follow PI on twitter

  29. I’m a facebook fan

  30. Monica Caughlin says:

    Fan of fb & I love the sock monkey set!

  31. Monica Caughlin says:

    I follow PI on twitter!

  32. Monica Caughlin says:

    I am a fan of PI on fb!!

  33. Monica Caughlin says:

    I subscribe to PI’s feed!

  34. Monica Caughlin says:

    Looked around at your prop shops!

  35. Julie White says:

    I just love all of them, but my favorite would be the sock monkey!

  36. I like the Extra Soft Pompom Hat.

  37. I’m your fan on FB.

  38. Subscribed via google reader.

  39. Visited your prop shops.

  40. Soooo stinkin cute! I’d get the Earflap Hat and Matching Diaper Cover!

  41. And facebook!

  42. I subscribe via email!

  43. I’m visiting some prop shops!

  44. Debbie Miller says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Crochet Penguin Hat with Ear Flaps

  45. Debbie Miller says:

    Facebook FAN!!!

  46. I love the sock monkey & the thing 1 & 2! So stinkin cute!

  47. Christa Griffith says:

    I love waking up every morning to see what you have posted about each day! it brings me joy each morning! its like a cup of coffee! thanks for todays giveaway! i love all her hats, but i really love the owl ones and the Christmas (red & white stripe one!)

  48. Christa Griffith says:

    i am a HUGE fan on FB

  49. Christa Griffith says:

    I subscribe to your feed!

  50. If I knew someone with twins, the Thing 1, Thing 2 hats would DEF be a gift!

  51. Jennipher Parkin says:

    I love your sock monkey hats, they are so adorable :)

  52. Jennipher Parkin says:

    I’m a fan on FB to both sites

  53. Love the twin owl hats & sock monkey set, so cute!!

  54. Jennipher Parkin says:

    I’ve subscribed to your feed :)

  55. I’m already a PI fan!!

  56. Debbie Miller says:

    Baby Flower Headband – Newborn Headband – Photo Prop – Pink and Purple Couture Feather Headband

  57. I visit your shops!!

  58. Kelly Williams says:

    I love the purple sheep’s newborn pigtail hats, they are the greatest! I’ve never seen anything like them.

  59. Kelly Williams says:

    I follow PI on twitter. Username @williamskc09

  60. Kelly Williams says:

    I follow PI on facebook

  61. Kelly Williams says:

    I am subscribed to your feed:

  62. Tania Moher says:

    Everything is so cute but I adore the sock monkey set!

  63. Amy Smith says:

    I like the sock monkey hat the best. So different from rest.

  64. I’m loving the penguin and frog hats. Oh they are too cute!!!

  65. I follow PI on Twitter. @mmmorgan20

  66. Huge fan of PI on FB.

  67. I subscribe to the newsfeed.

  68. I visit the prop shop daily!

  69. Checked out her etsy shop…
    First of all we love sock monkeys around my house. There wouldn’t be a better way but to dress my newborns in a sock monkey hat. My second favorite would definately be newborn pigtail hat…so cute!

  70. Just showed her much love on fb

  71. Just liked prop insanity fb page

  72. Subscribed to feed

  73. Visit prop shop every day

  74. I adore the pigtail hat!!!! Everything she has in her shop is precious though.

  75. Michelle murphy says:

    I like the sock monkey set

  76. Michelle murphy says:

    Facebook fan

  77. Michelle murphy says:

    Email subscriber

  78. Michelle murphy says:

    Twitter follower @cheapandcreativ

  79. I like the vintage look hairbow!

  80. I subscribe!

  81. These are the cutest knits! I love the traditional sock monkey set but it’s so hard to pick just one favorite. The owl hat is so sweet too!

  82. Subscribe to PI via email

  83. Cherilyn Haines says:

    LOVE all of her hats! I think my fav is either the sock monkey set or the cute little owl. Or the penguin! I can’t choose just one fav. :)

  84. Cherilyn Haines says:

    AAF of PI on Facebook. :)

  85. I love her little owl hats!

  86. Cherilyn Haines says:

    I’m a PI subscriber. :)

  87. Following PI on twitter (@kellerphoto)

  88. Cherilyn Haines says:

    I have visited the prop shops MANY times. :)

  89. I like your fb page too!

  90. Always peeking at the prop shops 😉

  91. I love the newborn pompom hat!

  92. I follow PI on Twitter.

  93. I like the PI FB page!

  94. I subscribe to your feed.

  95. I have your banner on my blog.

  96. Always love looking around your Prop Shop.

  97. My favorite is the sock monkey hat! I love the traditional red one as well as the one with the bright colors.

    What a beautiful Esty Shop.

  98. Tabitha Bailey says:

    Her pigtail hats are adorable..

  99. I subscribe to your feed

  100. Tabitha Bailey says:

    I follow PI on twitter

  101. Tabitha Bailey says:

    I like fb page

  102. I like PI on FB

  103. Tabitha Bailey says:

    I subscribe to ur post

  104. studiobliss says:

    the sock monkey is great, but i love the flower bands too.

  105. studiobliss says:

    subscribe to the feed

  106. studiobliss says:

    following on Twitter….eabybee

  107. studiobliss says:

    like on facebook

  108. Tabitha Bailey says:

    visited prop shops

  109. I’m in love with the thing 1 and think 2 hats! Too cute!

  110. I like PI on fb!

  111. I follow TI on Twitter. @justpeachyphotog

  112. I subscribe to the PI feed.

  113. I visit the prop shop!

  114. My favorite item is the sock monkey set

  115. I follow PI on twitter (jennallen80)

  116. I took a look around your prop shops

  117. I follow PI!

  118. I’m already subscribed…

  119. I’ve browsed the prop shops

  120. My favorite thing is the pink and green tutu!!!

  121. I’m a PI newsletter subscriber

  122. Love them all, but the purple newborn pigtail hat is my fave!!

  123. I love the thing 1 and thing 2 hats! I like them on FB and etsy

  124. I follow PI on Facebook.

  125. I like PI on Twitter too.

  126. I subscribe to your blog via RSS

  127. ME ME ME!! I wanna win!! :) Liked her on FB. I want the owl hat REALLY REALLY bad!! so cute!!

  128. Because I have twins I love the Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats! All the hats are adorable!

  129. Debbie Miller says:

    liked on FB

  130. Darla Peters says:

    Love the sock monkey set

  131. I love the Newborn Ear Flap Hat with the flower… so cute!

  132. Stephanie Hegland says:

    I love the thing 1 and thing 2 hats! They are adorable!

  133. Stephanie Hegland says:

    I follow PI on twitter @slynh999

  134. Stephanie Hegland says:

    I like PI on fb.

  135. Stephanie Hegland says:

    I have signed up for your emails (I get them I mean!)

  136. Andrea Brown says:

    I love the sock monkey hats

  137. Andrea Brown says:

    I love The Purple Sheep on facebook

    Andrea Spencer Brown

  138. Andrea Brown says:

    I follow PI on facebook
    Andrea Spencer Brown

  139. Andrea Brown says:

    I follow PI on twitter


  140. Andrea Brown says:

    I subscribe to your feed

  141. Andrea Brown says:

    I love all of the shops you have for us to look at:)

  142. I love the newborn owl hat!

  143. I like PI on facebook

  144. I visited your prop shop

  145. I subscribed to your feed

  146. I receive your daily posts via email each time you post

  147. I follow your TWEETS :-) chirp chirp

  148. I have poked around all of the vendors on the left side bar… loe the tutorials, the creativity that flows from the props, photography… I have learned by just looking! THANK YOU!!!

    Hope I win:

    Sock Monkey Set

  149. Kiesha Nowlin says:

    My favorite hat is the sock monkey hat with monkey in traditional red.

  150. Kiesha Nowlin says:

    I’m a fan on FB.

  151. I love her white newborn pompom hat. So cute!

  152. I subscribed to your newsfeed.

  153. Follower on Twitter @lilytreephoto

  154. I adore the prop shop! Easy vendor shopping all in one location! :)

  155. I love the pixie hats with lace!!

  156. I follow PI on twitter!

  157. Sarah Phillips says:

    Love the little bear hat!

  158. I am a fan of PI on Facebook!

  159. I am subscribed to PI!

  160. Stacey Thibodeaux says:

    I’m a FAN!!

  161. Stacey Thibodeaux says:

    Sock Monkey Set

  162. LOVE the pompom hats!

  163. Can’t stop looking through all of your PropShops!!

  164. Following you on Twitter!!

  165. Liked Purple Sheep Photo Props AND PI :)

  166. I love the red and white striped Christmas elf hat!! LOVE LOVE!

  167. Def the Sock Monkey! (

    Although if I was expecting a twins shoot, I would DEF guy the TWIN Thing 1 Thing 2 hats!!!!

  168. I like the Purple Sheet on facebook!

  169. I like Prop Insanity on facebook, too!!

  170. feed subscriber

  171. And I follow the PI blog via subscription!!!

  172. Twitter follower @johannaleephoto

  173. I follow PI on twitter!

  174. I am a fan of PI on FB!

  175. I subscribe to PI’s blog!

  176. Love, love, love the owl hat!

  177. Krystal Marcoux says:

    LOVE the sock monkey sets!!!

  178. Krystal Marcoux says:

    i am already a fan of PI on fb

  179. Krystal Marcoux says:

    i subcribe to PI via email

  180. Krystal Marcoux says:

    i follow PI on twitter

  181. Krystal Marcoux says:

    love the vendors in your prop shop!

  182. I like PI on Twitter! @Brittneyja

  183. I follow the blog feed!

  184. I took a look around the shops and I just love what I see!

  185. I would have to get the Thing 1 Thing 2 hats for twins! Absolutely adorable!

  186. I added the PI button on my blog :)

  187. the tiger hat is sooo cute!

  188. prop shop vendors are amazing!!
    raidyn wore caps of grace for his newborn session!

  189. ooooh I love the newborn pigtail hats!!!


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