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Newborn Nest… the coveted posing bag! | Feature & Giveaway


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Newborn Nest… yes, THE coveted posing bag that everyone loves…
brags about using…
dreams about using…
drools over owning…

Newborn Nest!

Now I have the fun pleasure of owning one of these divine beauties…
and lemme tell you, I will never go back to a regular bean bag again!

From the supple and soft vinyl used for the exterior…
to the puck shaped design…
these posing bags let you do just that.. POSE THAT NEWBORN WITH PERFECTION!

However, they dont come with the bags filled, but that is an easy fix!
If they were shipped to you full of beans.. shipping would be horrendous!
So thank Mindy later for letting you do the filling yourself :)

You can find the beans at Walmart, Target… or online, which is where I bought mine (from Amazon!)

When you fill your bag… just take careful steps, or you’ll have beannies all over, lol
A great idea.. use a funnel and have your friend, partner, husband, wife (whoever!) hold the funnel in place while you dump the beans down the tub.

In no time… your Newborn Nest will be chock full of beans, and ready to pose!
Just remember…the more beans, the better! So fill that baby UP UP UP!

Please do not leave any more comments, it is closed…

Anyway you put it… owning and using the Newborn Nest is one decision and prop you will NEVER REGRET!
Posing is easy! And dont worry… if baby has an “accident” (which 80% of mine do!), clean up is a breeze thanks to the vinyl covering on these glorious posing bags!
Just wipe, spray w/a lil sanitizer… wipe again… and DONE!

Please do not leave any more comments, it is closed…

To enter to win, simply visit their: FACEBOOK PAGE
and LIKE them!

Then come back HERE and leave a comment that you did just that! Fell free to let us know why YOU should win this fabulous prize as well


  1. I am already a fan! I love your nests and have been wanting one for a really long time! This would be a wonderful item to win! Thank you so much for giving me a chance to wins a great item.

  2. I absolutely adore this nest bag, as summer sets in here in FL and weddings slow down, I am getting ready to ramp up my newborn sessions again and have so many prego mommies in the next few months that I would love to have this to help with my sessions :)

  3. Eva deChevigny says:

    Followed you on facebook, also Subscribed to your blog.
    I am sitting up a home stuido in my house for my newborn, I’d love to use this nest on his photo shoot <3.

  4. Jane Evans says:

    I like Prop Insanity on FACEBOOK! I really need the Newborn Nest to take GREAT pictures of these precious gifts from God! :)

  5. Felicia Hausman says:

    Would LOVE to win one of these! I have been in photography for a year now and absolutely love it. The nest bag would help me so much with my sessions.

    Love your site!

  6. Victoria Rodriguez says:

    I am a photographer trying to get all my props together to open my studio and would love one.

  7. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    I want one so, so badly. I even went to the site, but you can’t order them right now. We are a brand new business trying to put an emphasis on newborns and I could use any help I could get. I LOVE this nest!

  8. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    just liked on Facebook too

  9. I’m a BIG fan! And a traditional beanbag user at the moment, I’d love to switch!

  10. I am so sick of the twist and plop with the beanbag. This is the answer to my prayers!

  11. Kimberly Tollett says:

    I am so sick of the twist and plop with the bean bag. This is the answer to my prayers!

  12. Miranda says:

    Just became a fan on FB :) I have been using a bean bag for over a year and am ready to step up my game. A good friend purchased one of your nests and I have noticed the SIGNIFICANT difference that the extra support and width of your nest has given her subjects. I would love love love to win one :)

  13. Lacey Miller says:

    I’m a fan! I’m just getting started and this will sure help out with my business! Still trying to save money for props.

  14. Cindy Balkwill says:

    OMG could I use this, I will even pay for it if necessary. Opening my own prop shop and do newborn photography and could use this big time

  15. Im a fan now and just starting my own business and this would b perfect for my first newborn shoot which is soon:)

  16. I am a fan. I have been desperatly wanting one of these to expand on my newborn photos that I have been having alot of trouble with, I think I need some props to help me out! :)

  17. I “liked” the page on Facebook but I really LOVE it …..dont know if i can wait to win it ……might need to beg borrow and WORK hard to just buy one—-thank u for the opportunity to win it though <3

  18. searocks says:

    i liked the page! im just starting out and i LOVE the Newborn Nest ! It seems like it was made for me! Thanks for the chance to win ! I hope i win :) xx

  19. just became a fan. Cannot wait to have one of these

  20. Calyn Worden says:

    Liked the facebook page, facebooked about PI, tweeted about PI, and subscribed!!

    I would absolutley love to win this prop I am begining my buissness and this would help very much with that.


  21. Liked FB page, shared it, and peeked around the shop. I would absolutely be thrilled to own this poser. I haven’t done newborns until recently with my son when he was born last year. Now I’m branching out my repertoire to include newborns and I’m excited to get started!

  22. I liked your FB page, shared it on my status, and peeked at your shop! I would love one of these to help jumpstart my newborn photography!

  23. I am not a professional photographer but I love doing it for fun. I am a foster mom and I love taking pictures of not only my own children, but my foster children. My foster daughter I have now is a teenager and LOVES photography! It’s a fun bonding activity! I have several friends with babies. I also would love to make sure that babies in foster care get newborn pictures that they can keep in their profile for when they get older. I know I love looking at my baby pictures! Some people don’t have any baby pictures because they never had a stable mom. :( I would like to change that!

  24. This is my entry #1 if this giveaway is still going on. Please email me if I win because I enter so many giveaways its hard for me to keep track. I really need one of these, I have never been able to use one and I really want to get these great poses. Being a photographer is my dream, I am disabled and can’t really afford these neat props so I join giveaways to try and get props. I do my a lot of my photography for free because it is my dream and not my job.

    Joanna McKinley

  25. I went to your page and liked it and looked around, I love your stuff and wish I can win some things or purchase in the future.

    Joanna McKinley

  26. I am a senior in high school and i absolutley love photography. It is my life and im growing and learning new things every day. Ive taken lots of classes at college and i feel i have a bright future ahead of me (: I am saving up for school so extra cash is hard to come by. I would absolutley be thrilled to get one of these amazing posing bags!! I hope its not to late (: I love Newborn Nest!

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