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MCP Actions ~ Quick Clicks Presets are here!!!


It’s Here! The Ultimate Presets Collection for Lightroom & ACR by
MCP Photoshop Actions for Photographers

I want to share something that I have had the privilege to test in recent weeks. Below is all of the information I think you’ll appreciate to explain how it works and give you the answers to questions that you are likely to ask. After testing, I am more than happy and fully comfortable recommending this product to you…. over and over again

I have relied on MCP Photoshop Actions for Photographers (as most of you know through my posts of the products) to help me create gorgeous, artistic images with minimal time and effort…. so I am super excited to be one of the lucky members to try and LOVE the new set of Preset Collections!

Now, MCP is offering Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw users the same one-click convenience and eye-catching results. Whether you shoot RAW or JPEG images, you’ll appreciate the time and energy you’ll save by using MCP Quick Clicks Collection presets for processing all your photos. You can make subtle changes or dramatic edits that are all completely reversible. You can give all the images from one shoot a consistent style in just seconds.

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What Other Testers Are Saying
“Amazing, awesome, fantastic, wonderful. Everything works together for a complete workflow. The fact that you can layer presets without resetting is genius!”
– Jean Smith,

“MCP Quick Clicks Collection is such a simple, fun way to jazz up any image! The variety of looks that you can achieve with just this one set of presets is endless. It’s the best set of presets that I’ve ever used!”
– Haleigh Rohner,

What’s Included?
MCP Quick Clicks Collection includes more than 200 photographer-tested presets for every shooting situation. MCP has organized them into five sections to help you find just the effect you’re looking for without wasting time clicking through your settings. It’s like having 5+ mega sets in one.

  1. Building Blocks fine-tune your photos’ exposure and color settings, giving you a flawless foundation for layering on additional looks.
  2. Quick Clicks Color presets give you one-click access to gorgeous color-enhancing results.
  3.  Quick Clicks Black & White presets include a full range of monochrome looks plus a menu of color tints and options.
  4.  Finishing Enhancers help make your photos pop with effects ranging from fill flash to customizable vignettes.
  5. Quick Clicks Customizers allow you to save your favorite combinations so you can apply them any time with a single click.



Presets: What’s the Difference?
Unlike Actions, presets don’t work directly in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. They work in Adobe Lightroom or with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), the separate image-processing software that ships with Photoshop. To use MCP Quick Clicks Collection Presets, you’ll need:

• For Lightroom (LR) version: Lightroom 2 or Lightroom 3
• For Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) version: Photoshop CS3, CS4, or CS5

Please note that MCP Quick Clicks Collection is NOT compatible with the version of ACR included with Photoshop Elements. You must have Photoshop CS3 or later to use the ACR product.

RAW or JPEG: What’s Your Flavor?
Whether you shoot RAW, JPEG, or both, there’s a version of MCP Quick Clicks Collection optimized for you. The base price of $179.99 includes either the RAW or JPEG-optimized version. If you’d like to be able to use MCP Quick Clicks for all your RAW and JPEG shots, you can choose the RAW+JPEG version for $219.99.

Introductory Offer: No Trick, It’s MCP’s Treat
Ready to give your photos the power and flexibility of MCP Quick Clicks Collection? MCP has allowed me to extend this offer to you. Now through October 31st, the complete set of more than 200 presets is available at an introductory offer of just $149.99 for RAW or JPEG ($189.99 for RAW+JPEG version).
This $30 savings is a thank you for being one of the first to own MCP Quick Clicks Collection. Download today and get ready for some scary-good photos this Halloween and beyond.

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