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We told you today was a giveaway you were NOT going to want to miss and we were not lying!

Let us introduce you to Life.Camera.Actions.

Life. Camera. Actions. demo for Prop Insanity! from Brett Jarnagin on Vimeo.

Told you we weren’t lying. No more dragging textures, resizing, and masking. I kid you not when I pushed play on these, I was giddy!

Combine these awesome texture applying actions (both the Vintage and Regular sets) with the Life.Camera.Actions.  set and you will begin to see your photo’s taken on a new life. Here are some examples of the fun I had with these bad boys!

Now for the fun stuff. Life.Camera.Actions. is giving away one LCA Sweet Suite (a $300 value) set to one lucky PI reader. How to enter: Comment below and tell us what you think of these. Want more chances? Facebook it! Tweet It! Blog It! Letting the world know that Prop Insanity is featuring and giving away one LCA Sweet Suite Set from Life.Camera.Actions. Let everyone know how cool these actions and textures are! Each one of these will get you an additional entry when you come back and link us to your post(s). Want one more chance? Follow Life.Camera.Actions on twitter @brettjarnagin. Don’t forget to come back and let us know you following Brett for your bonus entry!

For all you impulse buyers and for those who just can’t wait the first 25 people to purchase a set from Life.Camera.Actions will receive 20% off their purchase using the code: MADPROPS at checkout. Get ’em quick, these 25 codes will run out fast!

Head over to Life.Camera.Actions. for more info and even more videos that will wow you!

Update: Winner will be announced on Suday May 2nd


  1. I love these!! Would be awesome to have! Thank you :)

  2. These are awesome.. I would love a set ..

  3. Wow, great find!! These are AMAZING. I love the colors in the workflow, and the texture is amazing. Love them!!!

  4. LOVE the Vintage Touch Actions, esp 100 Years & Eggshells. And from that Texture Pack, I love Concrete Evidence and Cat Scratch Fever :)

  5. this is so exciting!! i love the texture and colors… everything!!!

  6. I love the texture and colors!!!! these are amazing!!!

  7. and I shared on FB:

  8. Follwing @brettjarnagin on Twitter. :)

  9. I’m following Brett and tweeted about the promotion @simplysweetmmts :)


  10. Oh wow! These are awesome. There are sure are creative people out there! Great job Life.Camera.Actions.

  11. These are just too awesome! I love the awesome texture!!

  12. I saw this giveaway from ANgie Matthews from posh photography!!! I love her work!

  13. Sooooo GREAT! Off to tweet all about it! 😉

  14. oh my goodness, these look fantastic! what a wonderfully genius time saver!

  15. Oh these are divine! They would definitely cut back some editing time for me.

  16. Abbi Garling says:

    Looks great! Love them!

  17. These look awesome! I would love to play around with them – good luck me!

  18. Love the actions!!! Would absolutely love to add them to my collection!!! And of course will be posting about it in Facebook numerous times!!!

  19. I would love to win a set!!

  20. I love this set! I’ve got to get me some!!!!!

  21. I love this!!!!! I would be awesome to have .

  22. Wow! This is so cool. It will save a ton of time. :-) Thank you for sharing!

  23. I twitted about this and I’m following him on twitter as well! I also left a comment!

  24. I even posted about it on my personal and my photo business FB pages!! Would really love to have this!!!

  25. Wow these are good! i love the vintage effects tye work so well on baby shoots! I would LOVE a set of these, they would help loads with my edit time. Thank you! :)

  26. Jennifer Hosking says:

    Wow!!! This will save so much time, how wonderful!!!

  27. textures textures textures!! WOW that is awesome

  28. Those are so totally awsome. They would be a great addition to whomeever wins them.!/kymmieb?ref=profile

  29. WOW these are great. So time reducing. Love em.

  30. it looks incredible!!! i knew someone would be smart enough to come up with this sooner or later….thank you!! i want to win this :)

  31. What a great set of actions. Love the vintage. Thank you.

  32. love it!!! those look so awesome!!

  33. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Celeste (Crickets), Tasha and Jaime Devlin, Prop Insanity. Prop Insanity said: RT @PropInsanity Life.Camera.Actions. | Prop Insanity […]

  34. Laura K. says:

    What a time-saver!! I NEED these! 😉

  35. Very cool! Love how easy they are. Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win :-)

  36. Quite beautiful; I definitely gravitate more towards the organic flow of things and these textures are right up my alley….will post a link on my website for sure!

  37. Laura K. says:

    I tweeted!!

  38. Thank all you guys for the comments! I’m so glad to hear that you are all loving these (I do!)

    I just wanted to let you know that if you want to get 20% you better hurry over and pick these up because they are going FAST! If you are waiting on the giveaway, DON’T! Go ahead and buy them and if you win we will reimburse you! Don’t risk it. Get them now!

  39. I would love to win these…they sure look like a lot of fun!

  40. I am following Brett on twitter: nsmorinville

  41. Oh wow! These look absolutely amazing! Would love to win!!

  42. Following Brett on twitter, @nikkipainter

  43. I so love and want the vintage!! Thanks. These are amazing!!

  44. These are amazing…would love to have these!

  45. I love the actions above. Love the coloring and of course, ease! Sweet! Love the vintage!

  46. I am following Brett. Bonus Entry!

  47. these are amazing!!!

  48. I love these…..would be awesome to win!

  49. Wow! These are fabulous! What a great contest!

  50. How super fun are those actions!

  51. LOVE LOVE LOVE These! I want them!

  52. Love these actions!

  53. Shared on facebook!

  54. Following Brett on twitter :)

  55. Jules Bee says:

    These are AMAZING! How stunning are the photographs… wow. I have to have them – I hope I am the lucky winner!

  56. lOvE these! How nice it would be to have textures be so easy to use!
    posted on facebook:!/brendasmithdesigns?ref=profile

  57. Decided to follow as well. :)

  58. p.s. I meant tweet not follow sorry for the multiple posts. arg

  59. Lorena Mora says:

    These are awesome! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  60. Lorena Mora says:

    I follow Brett on his twitter. Mine is madzmom1

  61. Lorena Mora says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway, mine is madzmom1

  62. wow this is awesome! those look great!

  63. K, I tweeted it (mommy_reed)

  64. and now i’m following on Twitter!

  65. WOW! This would be an AWESOME giveaway to win! Pick Me! Pick Me!!!

    Chi Pelo –

  66. Melissa Collins says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! My fingers are crossed-these are awsome!

  67. These are totally amazing. The texture action is out of this world!! I would be floored & honored to win these from you:) Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!

  68. I would love to add these into my workflow, especially with the texture action-what a time-saver!

  69. Wow, these are amazing! They look really powerful and customizable. My favourite part is that you can move the texture around to create a different look for many photos using the same action!

  70. I’m following Brett on Twitter (AsherImages).

  71. LOVE These! These would help with my pp alot!

  72. Jessica Hauk says:

    The Vintage and Textures are so cool!

  73. Gorgeous! These are so cool and add the neatest affects!

  74. What do I think of these? I’m in love!!

  75. I posted to my Facebook wall

  76. Looks like my tweet didn’t post in the comments (sorry if it happens to be a duplicate)

  77. Oh these are soooo nice. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the workflow, followed closely by the vintage. they are amazing.

  78. I am following Brett on Twitter!

  79. I love these oh my!

  80. what a crazy great idea for texture actions…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! That’s the part I don’t like about textures, is it takes more time to apply.

  81. I’m now following Brett and blog on twitter!

  82. I love anything that makes my work flow go faster!!.. im down for all these!

  83. I can hardly wait for the contest to be over!! Loving these!

  84. Actions and Textures for easy on the go life of Photographers… I am soo On BOARD with this idea…I would love them :)

  85. Now following Brett on twitter.

  86. Love the idea of actions for textures! Soooo much easier.

  87. Amazing!! I want them :)

  88. Fantastic, love it, will use it a ton!

  89. SWEEEEEEEEEET! this is JUST what i need! as a mom of an 11 month old, she leaves me with little time to work on anything other than her…so the quicker i can get really awesome tones and textures on my images the better!! i would so die if i won these! ok…well maybe just be in a “finally i actually won something” coma :)

    i will definitely be on the lookout for my name as the big winner :)

  90. Wow these are AWESOME! i’m obsessed with textures / actions. These ones are amazing! Thanks for sharing

  91. added to my Facebook page and my LaceyBug Creations facebook page :)

  92. I tweeted (Laceyigo)

  93. I blogged about it –

  94. now following brett on twitter –

  95. Melissa Pickich says:

    Love it! These are awesome! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  96. Following Brett on Twitter as ThruBarbsLens!

  97. And last but not least…my thoughts on the actions…simply put, they look AWESOME and would love to get my hands on them!!! They all look fantastic!!!

  98. kate parke says:!/profile.php?id=100000768499325

    facebooked it :) What a difference this would make to my pics! Im still getting my head around photoshop!

  99. tweeter from @iamjosie

  100. […] a reminder that you do have until Sunday to enter the LCA giveaway (click HERE to enter) BUT Brett wanted me to tell you that the 20% off deal for the first 25 buyers is going […]

  101. Melissa W says:

    Oooh! I want these, they look awesome!!!! :)

  102. this is a really great set of actions! it has all the things you need without all the fluff. it’s perfect! can’t wait :)

  103. These are the best actions ever! I would love to win them!!!!

  104. Those are beyond pretty freakin awesome!

  105. These look fabulous!!! I want to win!! :)

  106. These look fabulous!

  107. Love the difference in the images! Keepin my fingers crossed!

  108. Theses are so sweet. Could use these!

  109. OMG! I am a stalker of Brett’s photography website – his work is awesome. I had no idea he had Life.Camera.Action also. *Keeping my fingers crossed that I win this awesome giveaway!!*

  110. wow these are awesome and looks like they would save me a lot of time.

  111. What is not to love about these, especially the texture? I just purchased Lightroom and these would be great to have as my first set.

  112. Brett – your Sweet Suite is quite brilliant. Way to go on creating something that will give us all some time back to be with families and create amazing work at the same time – THANK YOU:) Very well done. Loved the demo video on Vimeo too – had me smiling and saying “WOW!”. I really like the way the texture overlay works so it can be moved around and such. So amazing!

    Here’s my FB post:!/dawn.r.norris
    Here’s my Twitter post:
    Following Brett on Twitter too:) @brettjarnagin

    Nice find ladies and thanks for bringing our attention to Brett’s work too!
    xoxo, Dawn

  113. Wow there are some gorgeous colors in those sets. I am an action addict so of course I would love to win a set!

  114. This action set would be awesome to have! Really gorgeous actions!

  115. OMgosh! I have been so frustrated trying to get the look I’m after and this is it!!! I just watched some of the videos and I love, love, love these actions!

  116. LOVE these! Couldn’t wait and picked up the workflow set with the MADPROPS discount. Coudln’t believe there were still some codes left! I would be sooo excited to wint this giveaway to go with the workflow actions :) Thanks!

  117. Love the look…

  118. and just tweeted.

  119. These are awesome! I already bought using the discount…thank you!!!

  120. Ooh, I LOVE workflow and the textures!

  121. Yay!! Brett is amazing!! Keeping my fingers crossed for these!!

  122. Haven’t perfected any actions/textures as if yet but would love to try !!

  123. I’ve been following Brett on twitter for forever now! LOL!

  124. hope I’m not too late :) love them

  125. oooh. i hope i win!!

  126. Concrete Evidence + Eggshells = Ama.ZING

  127. i LOVE Life. Camera. Actions. They are amazing!!!

  128. I heard about you guys over at WPPI in Las Vegas recently. Loved it! Love the idea of being about to add textures, colors, and whatever’ish to a photo for an effect. It had demension in some ways. I think. Amazing! Great!

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