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Julie Rollins Creative Tools for Newborn Photography | Feature & Giveaway


Calling all newborn photographers! You are NOT going to want to miss today’s feature and giveaway.

Julie Rollins is the mastermind behind one of the best collections of newborn backdrops, wraps, and headbands that I’ve ever soon. You HAVE to go check out her shop. Right now. I’m telling you – if you’re a newborn photographer, you’re going to flip out when you see her shop!

I was SO excited when I received my box in the mail from Julie. Everything was gorgeously packaged, and the quality of her products is amazing.

Here’s the Multi Color Swaddle wrap in Fuschia – the combination of pink and orange is stunning. It’s especially gorgeous for babies with darker complexions!

If you’re like me, you probably wonder where newborn photographers get the gorgeous fabrics to use as backdrops for their squishy beanbag poses. I’ve searched and searched at fabric stores, but just haven’t been able to find the right combination of material, color, and width to work for me. Well, I don’t have to worry about that any more – Julie has fabrics in a huge variety of colors and textures, and they’re long enough AND wide enough to make perfect backdrops!

Don’t you just love this Perfect Knit Backdrop in Raspberry? And the Luxe Headband in Plum is just the icing on the cake!

Have you noticed the ruffle fabrics that are all the rage recently? Yup! Julie has those, too. I was a little nervous to try using mine, because I really love lighter toned backgrounds for my newborn portraits. But this stuff photographs BEAUTIFULLY! I fell in LOVE when I uploaded the images to my computer. I’ll be buying some of this fabric in every color! Here’s the ruffled ribbon fabric in Violet.

Her store also offers several colors of fur. And she doesn’t skimp on the size and send you a tiny li’l piece of fur that can only be used as a liner for trench bowls and baskets. Nope. You’ll receive a full size piece of fabric that measures 37″ X 60″. The Frosted Violet (shown below with the Open Weave Swaddle Wrap in Eggplant) is so much fun, and I also plan on purchasing moss and camel fabrics ASAP.

Want a nice stretchy wrap? She has those, too. In any color you could possibly want. The Stretch Knit Swaddle Wrap shown below is a color called Iris. It’s super long, which means you can wrap your baby in a variety of different ways.

I absolutely adore her Two Tone Swaddle Wraps. They’re also super long and plenty wide, so you can use them for swaddling OR for hanging (always make the baby’s safety your number 1 priority when attempting any sort of hanging pose – composite your images together in Photoshop so that the baby is never actually hanging in a sling without being supported by an adult).

Did I mention that Julie also sells headbands? She does! I’m serious folks – her new store is a one stop shop for newborn photographers! Just check out these Luxe Headbands in Serendipity and Siena. Simple, sweet, and absolutely adorable!

I instantly fell head over heels in love with this Ornate Headband in Antique Gold. What a perfect way to add a little drama to your portraits of newborn girls. Every time I’ve used this headband for a session, I’ve had the baby’s mom ask where she can purchase one.

In addition to props and backdrops, Julie also sells a FABULOUS set of newborn actions. Her Newborn Basics action set is an absolute life-saver. She’s combined ALL of the standard newborn post processing steps in one easy to use action.

The action is incredibly easy to customize, but I’ll be honest – I usually don’t have to do any sort of tweaking on any of the layers within the action (and that’s saying a LOT coming from someone who is rarely, if ever, pleased with how actions look at 100% opacity). Every single one of the images posted in this blog post was processed with the Newborn Basics Action – I love it that much! I actually use it to process ALL of my studio sessions – not just newborns!

The Newborn Basics Action even includes a skin softening layer. I’m a die hard fan of Portraiture, but I hate how time consuming it is to run it on every newborn image and then mask the effect off of baby’s eyes, lips, hair, etc. Julie’s softening action is VERY similar to Portraiture – softens skin without looking overly airbrushed.

If you like your newborn portraits to have a touch of haze, be sure to check out her Newborn Sweetness and Newborn Softness sets.

Sooooo… Are you ready for some super awesome news? Julie Rollins is giving away an amazing prize to one lucky Prop Insanity reader. What do you win? EVERYTHING you’ve seen in this blog post. That’s a total value of $257, kids!!! Here’s a recap of everything that’s included in this incredibly generous prize package.

  • Stretch Knit Swaddle Wrap in Iris
  • Two Tone Swaddle Wrap in Berry-Sage
  • Open Weave Swaddle Wrap in Eggplant
  • Multi Color Swaddle Wrap in Fuschia
  • Ruffle Ribbon Backdrop in Violet
  • Faux Fur Prop in Frosted Violet
  • Perfect Knit Backdrop in Raspberry
  • Ornate Headband in Antique Gold
  • Luxe Headband in Plum
  • Luxe Headband in Siena
  • Luxe Headband in Serendipity

But guess what? There’s MORE!! Julie is offering 25% discount off her already INCREDIBLE prices to all of our Prop Insanity readers. Use the coupon code PROPINSANITY25 at checkout between now and November 28th, and stock up on your favorite newborn goodies.

Do you want to be entered into Julie’s mega giveaway? Well, I’m sure you know the drill, but I’ll tell you again. First, go visit Julie on her Facebook Page and make sure to “like” her and leave a li’l love from Prop Insanity. Then, visit her shop, and browse through the plethora of newborn wraps, backdrops, and headbands you’ll find there. Then head on back over here, and leave us a comment letting us know which item in her shop is your absolute favorite.


  1. Shawna Lucas says:

    Love the ornate crown! Would be perfect for a maternity shot also for a little girl!

  2. The newborn crowns are adorable! Love the “joy”

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  15. I LOVE just about every backdrop/fabric option she offers, in so many colors too!
    My favorite 2 (I couldn’t pick just one) are the faux fur in cream and the ruffles in dark blue. Thanks for sharing, as always another site to add to my bookmarks and wishlists. (Boy does my husband have a big wish list from me for Christmas!)

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    I would love to win this not only for my photography business, but also I just found out I am having twins!! This would be awesome!!

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    My favorite item in her shop is the Ruffled Ribbon Backdrop in pink

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    All the best wishes!

  133. Absolutely great products. Such an awesome idea to add it as part of photography business.
    Love the Sweetness backdrop in Ocean Blue!
    All the best wishes!

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    They also have a lot of ribbed solid fabrics in different colors for less than $5 if you’re looking for subtle textured fabrics as backdrop.

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