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Vintage Photo – Session Share


This weeks SESSION SHARE…. VINTAGE PHOTO is our featured photographer!

1) Where are you located in the lovely world, AND how long ago was this session shot?
I’m in Superior, Nebraska, twenty miles from the geographic center of the US. This session was shot one month ago, and has not been submitted in any other form to any other blog, magazine, etc.


2) What did you shoot with for this session? Gear geek talk me..
This was shot with a Canon 5d Mark II with a 24-70mm lens.


3) Did you have a prop theme, and if so, How did your prop “theme” come to life?
The prop theme was stranded on the beach– I wanted to be versatile in order to do mini sessions with boys and girls of different ages… pirates for boys and a little more of a boho feel with the doily tent for girls.

xxxeverhart321 xxxeverhart291

4) Where did you get your props for this specific session ?
I found the 1950s aluminum boat on a buy-sell-trade site. I made the teepee out of some birch logs, a vintage tablecloth, a vintage tie, and a ton of doilies! The boat had a mast made of collected vintage scarves, sewn together and tied to a curtain rod. I also made the hats, from a fold pattern used for making paper hats– I just used a light, but rigid canvas fabric and hotglued them together, then added some ribbon.


5) What was your favorite part of this session (i.e. baby snuggle time, great new prop used, location)?
It was amazing to be on location at Lovewell Lake in north-central Kansas… the kids just LOVE shoots where they get to do fantasy stuff and play with props. I buried small treasures for them to find for being models!


6) Do you shoot in studio, or on location?
I shoot in both. Actually, I just bought an old schoolhouse in the country I’m renovating into a photo studio! Before, I was working from home– but in the midst of becoming a foster parent, realized I needed more separation between work and home.


7) What was your FAVORITE prop used during this session?
My fave prop is definitely the tent. It’s gotten a ton of attention, and people ask for it!


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Being a Professional Newborn Photographer is Easy…


… said No Newborn Photographer EVER!

That title peeked your interest?  You see the beautiful images of newborn babies, snuggled up and sleeping soundly.  Laying naked, tucked up in the womb-like pose, with tiny hands placed perfectly.  Yes, those are the images that make our hearts melt.  Babies, no more than just a couple weeks after birth… laying peacefully, while the photographer snaps away their tiny precious first pictures.  Looks simple, sweet & enticing…

THIS IS HARD WORK my friends. What looks like a simple job, most definitely is not…. babies are crazy! In a good way, of course.  Silly faces, tongues sticking out, arms flailing, coming unwrapped, screaming, and of course… potty accidents.  And that is just the tip of the “newborn photography iceberg”.


If you are starting out, looking into being a newborn photographer, let me give you a few tidbits from the inside. As a professional newborn photographer myself, going on 7 years, I have seen most everything under the sun.   Before you leap in and buy the props, the gear & equipment, and test out your skills in the professional newborn photographer world… let’s chat.

Most important… YES, any newborn photographer should be PROFESSIONAL… meaning, you should have the skills & education required to not only use the fancy dslr camera, but also the knowledge on how to handle & pose a newborn baby safely & properly.  It’s not always a natural thing, and newborn posing requires the utmost skill & patience.

Many of us believe the #1 requirement is being good with children.  This is furthest from the truth. Yes, being patient and loving children is a MUST, however handling a newborn baby does not necessarily come with being a mother yourself… or a nurse, or any other profession that deals with babies.   Newborn posing for photography is a trade in itself.  IT IS NOT AN EASY TASK, nor one to take lightly.

THIS JOB IS HARD.. rewarding beyond wildest dreams… but a tough one indeed.



  1. ALL NEWBORNS ARE SLEEPY. Babies do not just “sleep”… when you undress a baby, naked on a blanket.. they wake up. They squirm, flinch, roll, flail, you name it. Newborns do not pose themselves.
  2.  You are a good mom = all babies love you.  There is so much more besides being nurturing & loving.  Newborn posing & photography is much more.
  3. Props are all you need for newborn photos. Props do not count for posing.  A cute wrap, headband or basket will not cover up a bad pose or uncomfortable baby.  In fact, it will only help showcase the awkward shot.
  4. Newborn sessions are quick & easy.  Furthest from the truth. In fact, many professionals will take upwards of 30-45 minutes to perfect one single pose… for one single shot. A typical newborn session can be upwards of 3+ hours… and that is by an industry professional.
  5. Having a DSLR means you will get a great shot.  Not by any means!  It just means you have the capability to, not the guarantee. Newborns can have blotchy skin, jaundice color, and awkward poses.  DSLR is just a small part of the full equation… you need to learn to use that pretty piece of equipment to it’s fullest.

10723263_10203699600869509_2020333956_n 1602103_10204789725360662_5360366749966038236_o

No matter the equipment, its the education that matters in newborn photography. Just because that baby is snuggled up in your arms, does NOT mean s/he will stay in that pose once place on a bean bag. Nope, nada, not what-so-ever.

It requires patience, education, and posing knowledge.  They do not pose themselves… none the less stay in the pose you want. And even if you are a professional photographer… newborns will give you a run for your money.  Babies lay awkward, crossed eyes… hands on their face (in their mouthes), and privy parts exposed. They are squirmy little nuggets.

Of course this is my opinion, but I believe many professionals would agree… this is a tough job.


DON’T FORGET THE EDITING!  Newborn images, many times, require the most editing. Red blotchy skin. Baby acne. Diaper marks… you name it.

NOT TO MENTION… the accidents! Plan on getting pooped on… pee’d on… and mostly liked projectile vomited on.  Babies are tiny lil creatures, but their “movements” are not, lol.



SO GET EDUCATED if you want to be a professional newborn photographer.

You can start here, at Prop Insanity.
Visit WORKSHOPS that we have featured… {click HERE}

And visit our WORKSHOPS Listing & Guide… {click HERE}

Ps, thanks to the amazing photographers who shared their out-takes and silly newborn images… this job isn’t an easy one, but it surely is most rewarding.