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Prop Insanity

Studio Share {& Crush} with Stacy’s Creations Photography



You saw a sneak peek of this proptastic studio space on our Facebook page..
well here is the REAL DEAL!

Featuring: Stacy’s Creations Photography (Welland, CA)1417501_682641781758776_1590949997_o


  1. Where is your studio located?
    Welland, ON (about 20 mins from Niagara Falls)

  2. Natural or studio lights? If studio… what do you use?
    Natural light only with reflector
  3. What is your favorite prop in your stash?
    Oh boy….probably my wooden bed from Woodsy Wonders. It’s hugely popular with Moms and Dads alike coming into the studio and completely gender neutral which is nice :)
    BK5A0410 1799897_708368312519456_2134367275_o
  4. What is your #1 favorite thing ABOUT your studio space?
    Lots of liiiiiiiiiiight :) I do wish it was bigger all around but I make it work.
    BK5A0435 BK5A0416 BK5A0415
  5. Give us your links… so we can cyber stalk your amazing work!

BK5A9786 BK5A9930 BK5A9570

Do you have a fun and fanciful studio space?
In home or retail… ?
Share it with us!  Please  CONTACT US  today for information
on how to become a  STUDIO SHARE on our site.


Make 2014 count… 10 Steps to a HAPPIER Photographer


2014… I remember a day back way when, say 2008′ish (when I started professionally), I sat back and thought “When will this Custom Photography things take hold, and people out there grasp it, appreciate it,  and hold on to it?!” lol

Well, now… here we are in 2014 and it seems like there is a photographer on every corner, and this massive feeling & need to compete, fight for clients, and separate ourselves from the competition.  EVERYONE understands custom photography now, and it seems like everyone wants to hold on to a chunk of it.

After I give my 10 Steps to a Happier Photographer in 2014… take a second to read the rest of this lovely little blog post.. hear my experience and trust in my notion… it’s worth it to hear, and see, my story on this matter.



With that being said… we have gained this giant LEAP in the business aspect (clients now appreciate custom photography, and understand it), but we have made a huge step BACKWARDS in other aspects… fighting for clients, cut throat pricing & back stabbing
U.G.L.Y. stuff.


Through Prop Insanity, I meet and talk to many photographers, and vendors, world wide,



This is the major downside and will be the down fall of our industry. Artistic people fighting against one another… calling each other out, not making room for the next creative to have a chance, and finding ways to sabotage each other. YUCKY!

And this goes for photographers & vendors a like.


HOWEVER, I want to share something with all of you, some glimmer of hope.
And I bet I am hoping I’m not the only one out there…

I am a lucky photographer girl… in one simple & honest fact,



no B.S, I’m not trying to fool you…  it’s the honest trust… WE ARE FRIENDS!!

Well… of course not every photographer in the area partakes or wishes to be a part, to each his/her own… but for those of us who have embraced each other, our talents,  as professionals in the same working world, we are flourishing with the help of our peers,
and smiling all the while.


So I wanted to share my thoughts… and an easy “count down” to helping you find more happiness in yourself, and the industry as a “whole” in 2014. It’s time to make friends, not separate yourself from the crowd. 



(cuz nothing drabs the soul like a mean-bean)

Let me make one thing very VERY clear.

This is NOT a case of “keep your friends close and enemies closer”. That is BS … yet unfortunately how a majority of this industry (and many others) has been fallen victim to.
THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE, which is the major point of this drawn out, yippity yappity blog post
(now 10 hour long writing extravaganza of mine)...


We don’t have to be frien’enemies… we can just simply be FRIENDS!
Colleagues, teachers, students shoulder to lean, ear to bend…
talk dirty shop, clients & studio lingo to me” … FRIENDS.  



I’m proud to be a part of this group, these professionals are my friends… we help, support, guide and even… gasp…. REFER CLIENTS to each other! I know, unreal right?!


Actually… it makes me very sad for the professionals out there who do not have something as wonderful as this. A support system and friends in the industry who understand our struggles, our goals and our love for photography.  Which is why…



And if the group doesn’t work out for you, or you find it unsupportive or non constructive… like a “clique” vs a common group… than leave it, join another, or start your own and invite your friends to join.

Our small (yet growing) group of locals… connect on a personal and professional levels.


But we are also mothers, working parents,  and of course so much more. We don’t let our client gain get in the way of something bigger… US.


We don’t compete, in fact we support and refer clients to each others business’s. We even set up dates monthly/bi-monthly to meet up and talk in person (aside from our chat group which we all pretty much engage in daily). Meeting face to face is so refreshing.


We have connected, through our local professional photography group, to do one major thing… 



In fact, all of the images you see in this post are from photographers in my local group.

They are amazingly talented, and I refer my own clients to them again and again.  I’m proud to be their friends, and in association with great professionals such as them <3 As a matter of fact, our “small group” has turned into quit a large gathering of talent.  HOWEVER… even as large as we have grown (40+ members), it has stayed an enormous support system for each and every member.



Here are their links, my friends & local colleagues … CHECK.THEM.OUT…
in no particular order, cuz they are all amazing talents

Grace Wears fur  -  Ashlyn Adele Photography - Photography by Kristen Marie -
Anja Photography - Ashley Nicole Photography & Design -  Britt Anderson Photography -
JC Photography - Jessica Weinstock Photography - Kathryn Shores Photography

 Dory L Tuohey Photograph - Sarah Severson Photography -
Lindsay Powel Photography -Heather Hart Studio - Erica Lynn Photography  -
Gleam Photography  - Kristin La Voie Photography 

Artful Heart Photography - Courtney Van Alice Photography  - Carley Kay Photography -
Tracy Joy Photography  - Stephanie Kelley Photography -  Keren Sarai Photography  -
Aullmyn Photography and Design - Christine Navarre Photography

Erin Nisi Photography  - Rachel B. Photo Studio LLC  - Golden Photography  -
Sally Roeckell Photography/Table & Dish - Elvie Diaz Photography -
Melody in Bloom Photography  - JB Photography
Bella Jackson Photography - Picsy Photography

Ashley Marie Photography - Becky Batchelor Photography - Katie Hall Photography -
Elle Baker Photography - Amy Eckert Portrait Art




SPOTLIGHT VENDOR: That’s the Cutest Thing


That’s the Cutest Thing

Since 2010, this spotlight vendor has been bringing us beautiful
& sweet creations for newborns, babies & adults alike!

Simply sweet, and soft to the touch, That’s the Cutest Thing puts
all her love & pride into each and every prop that comes out of their shop.

If you want quality, and customer service, in one little shop..
than That’s the Cutest Thing is a shop you will love !


Oh come on… look at these cute lil hats, headbands & beanies!

LOVE That’s the Cutest Thing1899695_427311594038408_668111041_o 1977481_424454997657401_101859091_n

They are also part of our weekly RTS family… so head over to our Facebook and Google+ to see them, and shop That’s the Cutest Thing items, in our RTS events!

Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+!

“Celebrity” Vendor Crush – Fancy Fabrics Q&A {Discount!!!}


Vendor Crush… something fun and new for our prop junkies in 2014!
We have handpicked some of your favorite “Celebrity” Vendors…
picked their crafty brains, and bring you…



1- What was the very first prop you made?
The very first prop my shop carried was a soft rose posing fabric photographed by Keri Meyers.

textured purple knit

2- What got you into the photography prop vendor world?
In the beginning of 2013, I was attending a work shop with Keri Meyers when she expressed interest on needing a fabric vendor. I explained that I’d been thinking of starting a fabric/prop shop and, roughly one month later with the help of Keri, my dream became a reality.

true brown

3- Photography Shout Out! Give us your top 3 favorite photographers?
KerI Meyers, KerI Meyers Photography
Amanda Cutler, Pumpkin Pie Photography
Caludia Aguiliar, Captured by Claudia Photography

teal elegant lace

4- What are all your shop links
so we can cyber stalk you often and buy your goodies!?!

untitledrainbow shimmer backdrop

5- Tell us about you… are you a mother, wife.. do you enjoy any sports or activities… something fun to get to know you more.

I grew up in sunny Southern California where I enjoyed outside activities like playing soccer and riding horses. In 2002, while attending college, I met my husband Ray; we will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary in April 2014. We still live in Southern California with our two spunky dogs and a wonderfully mischievous cat; we are huge animal lovers.

It was in 2010, when I developed an interest in newborn photography and, became a professional one year later, specializing in newborns, infants and families. You can find my photography page, Captured By Erin Photography, online at

Running my photography business and, my online prop shop has definitely kept me busy over these past few years but, I’ve been extremely blessed and, things are about to get a whole lot busier as my husband and I are expecting out first child in September. :)

picked fence


Discount code “FANCY15” (at checkout)
will save customers 15% on their entire online purchase. 

Fancy Fabric & Props
Online Store:
FB Website:
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Prop Inspiration Image Competition… going on NOW!



Have you seen and enjoyed the perks of our  Prop Inspiration {IMAGE COMPETITION} ?!?!

Anyone can join…
everyone is invited…
you could be the months winning image… you just have to submit!

Simply come see the inspiring images…
or enter your own image. Either way, IT’S A LOT OF FUN!

We share images daily on our Facebook page, Google+ and here on our Blog!

This months submissions have been a LOT of newborns,
however ANY AGES is included!
Newborns, babies, families.. weddings!
As long as it includes a “prop” with the monthly theme in the imaeg.

Here is a peek at just a few of this months lovely GREEN themed images…

_dsc4855 1 5162 1932281_10152713044750410_7290538736754853740_n 10169388_709432609094835_1258273077_n amyleephoto_propinsanitysubmission dsc_4802_edited_web fbblogbphotography_newborn52 football2 green image_19 img_2272 img_2756 img_4909web photo1

**thanks to all the lovely photographers who’s images were submitted**
You bring us such inspiration each and every day! 

SUBMIT YOURS come play and have some fun with our
Prop Inspiration {IMAGE COMPETITION} 

What does the winner get?
Nothing huge or grand in the monetary department…
HOWEVER, it’s a fun bragging right,
AND the winner (top 2) are showcased on our Facebook Timeline COVER
for the entire following month! <3

Enter here:

{this that and the other… disclaimer}

To submit an image for the PROP Inspiration IMAGE CONTEST, please fill out all information below, and upload an image. It must include the THEME of the month.

The admin team will continually select & chose images to share with our fans, giving them inspiration and of course, SMILES! All images entered may not be shared on our page, but they will be visible in the gallery here. If your image is shared on our page, this does NOT mean it is in the running for TOP IMAGE for the month… it is simply a share to inspire others.

HOW TO VOTE: On the 20th of the month, the admin team will secretly vote & select the top 10 images that will make it to the actual COMPETITION (held the 20th – month end), at that time fans will be able to start VOTING on the TOP 10 images SELECTED BY THE ADMIN TEAM. The imgage, in the top 10 album, that has the most “likes” will be announced & showcased in our Facebook Timeline Cover for the following month!

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Prop Insanity: For Photogs & Prop Junkies and not to Facebook. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any claims.

*”Likes” on images prior to the TOP 10 announced on the 20th of the month do NOT count as votes for the months winner. Voting does NOT begin until the admins make their TOP 10 list. The images we share on our timeline are simply to inspire & show off your beautiful work… it does not mean they will be contenders in the final top 10 and voting.