Prop Insanity

Prop Insanity

Session Share: Elvie Diaz Photography



Elvie Diaz Photography  shares a sweet and darling
newborn session with us… in todays Session Share!

What did you shoot with for this session?
Gear geek talk me..I shoot with Canon MarkIII for newborn posing beanbag shots I use the 35mm 1.4, for newborn prop shots I switch to my 50mm 1.2 to get more bokeh,
I also shoot with AB400

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Where are you located in the lovely world?
Chicago IL
In lovely Andersonville


Where did you get your props for this specific session (share those prop shops!)?
I actually found both wood props at TJ MAX Im in that store every other week to make sure I get the latest goods.

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What was your favorite part of this session?
Being able to snuggle with her, she was 5.5 pounds and sooo beautiful, like a live doll.


Do you shoot in studio, or on location? (if studio, tell us a bit about it!)
I shoot in my home studio, it works for me and my shooting style.


What was your FAVORITE prop used during this session?
Using the congas and bongos, it was a surprise prop scene for Dad who play

10174254_690798984291698_2001119161_o (1)

Anything fun, nerdy, or quirky about yourself that you’d like to share?
Totally photography unrelated but Im a HUGE New Kids On The Block fan, yup Im a Dork

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Find more of Elvie and her work at: 
Elvie Diaz Photography {Website}
Elvie Diaz { Facebook }


Photographer “cray-cray” Eye Syndrome…


Well, that’s what I’m gonna call it, ha!

This is a random post… but one I felt needed to be shared…. you’re eyeballs will thank you!

As photographers, 3/4 of our job is actually sitting at a desk.. staring at a computer screen for hours. Whether its emails, contracts, website work, blogging or the hours  upon hours of editing… our eye balls are getting a work out.

I find so many times… I will be sitting at my desk blogging for hours upon end (the other day I spent 10 hours at my computer typing away). While sitting here, I get vertigo… my eyes actually start to move w/o my control, to the right of my computer screen, almost as if telling me STOP LOOKING AT THE SCREEN! Honestly, they move OFF my computer screen.


Yeah… eye strain Tracy… your eyeballs are screaming HELP ME!

Then I realized… when I sit here, pounding at my key board… I’m not doing one thing…


For real… I’m so uber focused that I forget to blink… at least not as often as I should.
Sounds insane.. but stop and think about it, are you blinking as much as you should (or at all!) when you work on your computer?
We are supposed to blink around 18x per minute… I was prob blinking 18x per hour!

vertifoHere are 3 quick steps to saving your eye balls, and sanity, as a photographer.

  1. Every 10 minutes, stop & close your eyes for 30 seconds… move them around with lids closed. Let your tears give your eyes a well needed “bath”.
  2. blink blink BLINK! Pay attention and count your blinks per minute… see what you come up with. Try to blink every few seconds, let your eyes feel the natural “blink” and then remind yourself how wonderful it feels!
  3. In 30 min intervals… walk away from your computer.  Get up and get a glass of water… take your eyes OFF the screen.

I’m obviously not anything close to being a doctor,
but these are the 3 things I have found work for me.
And… you’re eye balls will thank you later… as well as your clients
(don’t wanna miss an important edit cuz your eyes are crossing every which way!). 

Read these other great short articles…
Computer Vision Syndrome, from American Optometric Assoc.
How to protect your eyes when on the computer… by Wiki How
Eye Fatigue... from WebMd
>>> Try frequent blinking for healthier eyes <<<


And that is all… now… BLINK!!!!

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SPOTLIGHT VENDOR: Red Meadow Design {discount!}




Creating templates, graphics and designs that are affordable for photographers.

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Get to know RED MEADOW DESIGN Co. and the lovely girl behind the designs!
Here is a snippet about their personal adventure in the industry:

 “I worked in the graphic and web design field for 8 years before taking the leap to become a small business owner. I left my professional career to pursue my passion of running my wedding photography business.
A year later, I decided that I missed designing, so I opened a small graphic design company taking limited commissions. With my swiftly growing photography business coupled with the blessing that our family of 2 would be expanding to 3, I found myself with less and less time to devote to custom designing.
I placed it on the back burner.
Fast forward to now… My little girl is a toddler, I am still working full time as a wedding and portrait photographer, my time is still limited, and I still miss designing.
So, I created Red Meadow Designs, and I offer affordable templates for photographers. The templates help other photographers speed up their workflow, provide professional products to their clients,
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So come take a peek at our friends at RED MEADOW DESIGN Co.
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