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Elizabeth Frederick – Newborn Composite Share


HI, I’m Elizabeth… a professional newborn photographer in Connecticut.
You can find me at: Elizabeth Frederick Photography

The most important thing to keep in mind when photographing newborns is their safety. Newborn should never be left to balance, hang in the hair, or sit in or on something without hands on them at all times even if they are sound asleep. In the blink of an eye, those precious babies can startle out of their position and be hurt badly. In a case where we would pose a baby in their hands, or put them in a bucket, the safest method is to do a composite. A composite is where you take a series of images & combine them into one. It takes a little bit of photoshop knowledge and magic, but so worth it in the end.

When setting up for a complex shot, such as the one below, you need to be sure that the baby is sound asleep. If the baby is not asleep, these poses will not work. Also keep in mind, not every baby will do every single pose. It’s your job to inform the parents if you feel that the baby will not do said pose and move on to other poses the newborn is more comfortable with. Newborns make the rules ;)

In the shot below, first and foremost, I made sure that the ball was secure in it’s spot. I used towels under the blanket to build up the back for his back arm to rest on & it also kept the ball secure. I took a series of 3 images for this shot making sure the baby was supported every step of the way.

Once at home, I loaded up the photos, and created 3 layers to build this one shot, masking away my assistance hands from the baby’s body creating this one beautiful shot for the parents.


As a bonus I decided to include this old composite from a session I did last year. Mom and Dad came to my studio and saw that I had Birch Wood at my studio. At their wedding, they had Birch wood as table arrangements, so asked if somehow I could include it. This is how I did. I took a picture of mom holding her son on one side, then on the other side. I merged these 2 photos together to make one composite.


I sure hope this helps you when you are planning out your next session. Just remember, take a step back, assess the situation and if you are not comfortable with it, then don’t do it. Mom and Dad will be happy with what you have done & will be happy you told them the truth.

Elizabeth Frederick Photography

Triple Feature and HUGE Giveaway| Wrinkle in Time Props, Marigold Poms, Dream Come True Beds


You guys, this is a BIG HUGE giveaway and feature. 3 amazing shops with 3 very different things to offer!

First off is Dream Come True Beds.

Have you ever wanted to find the most PERFECT bed prop ever?! I found it for you. The craftsmanship put into these is astounding. Hand welded from steel – you can tell how well and sturdy these are made. I am just so giddy over this bed. It is a major MUST HAVE for your prop collection.

The look embodies antique and vintage. Timeless and heirloom. Perfect for any session.

Pictured below is the Shabby Photo Prop Bed.

The perfect size for a newborn to sitting toddler.


They offer a variety of different beds in their collection. Check them out here!

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And on to the BIG NEWS. They are GIVING AWAY A BED!!!! The same one pictured above! Holy cow, you wont want to pass this one up. Please read through and see the other amazing shops and giveaways!


Marigold Poms is where it is at!

She creates one of a kind garlands and poms. She works with materials that are vintage, organic and modern cotton fabrics in a variety of patterns and colors.

These are perfect for the backdrop to your photography sessions. You can hang them on the back wall of your drop, string them on a tree brand, add a pop of color to an in home lifestyle session. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention these would be amazing for parties!

The quality of these are suburb as well. Very robust, and wont tangle as easily as others I have seen.

Check out some of her garland in action below! I LOVE the pops of color it gave this set.


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Last and certainly not least is Wrinkle in Time Props.

I squee inside a little every time I find a tieback that fits my style so much. She is just that. Earthy, simple and classic. She uses materials such as jute, dried flowers and chiffon. Couldn’t get more earthy than that. LOVE

Along with those things, her items are incredibly dainty and girly as well. I want to go raid her shop right this minute! I am eyeballing her dried flower tie backs! Check it out here!

Her tie backs work perfect for newborns and up to add that perfect addition to a look for a session.


I mean, come on. How perfect are they!

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Holy cow, this might be the biggest giveaway feature yet!

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Images in this blog copyright by Jessica Weinstock Photography


Vivi’s Jewels and Kindred OAK | double feature and giveaway!


This time we are featuring Vivi’s Jewels and Kindred OAK. Two super cute and fashionable shops, each with their own personalities.

First up is Vivi’s Jewels.

This shop is a super sweet, fun, and modern take on children’s clothing. I am going so ga-ga over these fashion pieces. I can totally picture all my kids dressed in her items for a super fun photo shoot.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see her work is the pops of color and the textures it all has. Such a one of a kind style. Seriously, where can I sign up to have her style my daughter through first grade ;)

Check out Vivi’s Jewels store front and see for your self. You won’t want to leave!

See below for a darling summer tank and bloomers of hers on a sweet gal.


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Our second feature is Kindred OAK.

And ohhh my gosh. I am so happy I came across this shop. Kindred OAK (one of a kind), really lives up to their name. Unique children’s fashion items for them (and their Momma’s).

Their design style is classic-contemporary meets boho chic. And that combo makes for some UBER cute items!

Check out ‘the Gosling’ Shirt she features in her shop here

Imaging all a fully styled family shoot with her items in it. Hello adorable! I have my family photos coming up too, thinking thinking. Wheels are turning ;)

Check out below a duo of adorable sister rocking her shop items.


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Images in this blog copyright by Jessica Weinstock Photography

Duckly and Juicy AND Cricket + Bean | Double shop feature and giveaway!


Hi again folks! It has been a crazy busy Summer for me personally with my photography business (Jessica Weinstock Photography). I am just now getting some wiggle room to finish up these incredible shop features!

I have two ahhhmazing shops to show you in this double feature.

First up is Duckly and Juicy.

When I first opened her package I was just giddy with excitement. I have seen a lot of bonnets in my day and you can just TELL when the are going to fit right. These fit just like a glove and were SOFT. Soooo soft. I would could just pet these bonnets on these babies heads all day long. Ha!

Check out her bonnet and shorties set HERE. They are to die for!

Her described style is classic knits using natural fibers. She loves to use merino, alpaca and angora fibers over at Duckly and Juicy for her knits. When a knitter has that touch, they just have it. And she definitely has that touch. Check out some of her beauties in the grouping below. Her bonnets fit so so well on that sweet gal.


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Our next shop in this double feature giveaway is Cricket + Bean

I have recently become pretty obsessed with Cricket + Bean. I am one to gravitate towards rustic/vintage finds for my sessions and this was entirely up my ally. I LOVE tiny fabric newborn pant/bonnet sets and rustic/dainty headband sets. When I saw she sent me the moss/floral tie back I think I jumped for joy. Love love those! It’s a new favorite for sure! These are items that will be one of a kinds in your collections.

‘My style has a very rustic, organic, even vintage feel. I can’t even help it, it’s something just engrained in my soul. I start to create & that simple purity of nature inspires me.
I’m not sure I have a favorite type of fabric, but I really LOVE vintage pieces. It excites me to make something beautiful, for a sweet babe, that has history. That fabric has a story & I feel like that makes it really special.’

I just HAD to share that beautiful quote from the shop creator. So beautiful written and 100% attests to her creations.

Check out Cricket + Bean’s Shop

Please enjoy some of her items pictured below


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Images in this blog copyright by Jessica Weinstock Photography

Session Share with Rya Photos



Photographer: Rya Duncklee
Facebook Fan Page

1) Where are you located in the lovely world, AND how long ago was this session shot?
I am located in Jacksonville, Florida and my session took place about two weeks ago on my client’s farm within the city limits.


2) What did you shoot with for this session? Gear geek talk me..
I shot with a Nikon D4 & 35m.


3) Did you have a prop theme, and if so, How did your prop “theme” come to life?
Being summer and a baby arriving and “newness” on the horizon, I wanted to create a sort of “Goddess of the forest feel to this image using only flowers, a flower “bed”/crown. Bring out that magic of summer and have a sort of nod to bloom and growth. I thought this type of prop would be perfect for a maternity session.


4) Where did you get your props for this specific session ?
The grocery store believe it or not! Sometimes you can find a prop in a not-so-common place! Just plain ‘ole regular 3/$10 bunch of flowers exponentially increased for drama to fill the frame.


5) What was your favorite part of this session (i.e. baby snuggle time, great new prop used, location)?
Location. It’s always amazing when I get to use a location that is not only private and unique, but special to my client. This is their family farm. They ride horses, and we were able to photograph mamma-to-be in one of their horse paddocks.


6) Do you shoot in studio, or on location?
On-location. Please see details in question 5. Family farm. Golden hour.

7) What was your FAVORITE prop used during this session?
The flowers for sure. We made a flower crown as well as this bed of flowers using nothing more than some ribbon wire and florist tape.


8) Anything fun, nerdy, or quirky about yourself that you’d like to share?
A lot of people don’t know this but I’m a certified scuba diver and have been diving in the South Pacific 3 times now. It’s actually what inspired me to pursue my passion for photography full time. I also have a silly golden retriever named Scout whose currently mine and my husband’s “kiddo”:)