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Guest Photographer: Wild Photography… Session Share…



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1) Where are you located in the lovely world, AND how long ago was this session shot?
I am located in a small little town named Atkins, which is near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This session was from a couple of weeks ago and it was SO much fun!! It was only my second set of twin newborns and I have a couple of more that will be coming up later this year.


2) What did you shoot with for this session? Gear geek talk me..
I’m an all Canon girl… I shoot with a 5D Mark III and typically in a session, I’ll use my 24-70L, 100mm/2.8 (for macro shots), and sometimes my 50mm/1.4.

wild_photography_twins_1 wild_photography_twins_8

3) Did you have a prop theme, and if so, How did your prop “theme” come to life?
The parents gave me an all-clear – “do what I want” – with this session… so I just had fun!

I had been wanting to do a red riding hood set-up after I ran across the wolf hat, so the fact that I had a boy/girl twin set coming… it was game-on!


4) Where did you get your props for this specific session (share those prop shops!)?
I am a “regular” at SO many prop shops… I might have a problem! For this session, I used things from:

The Knitting Bitty,
Two Crafty Mamas,
Birdie Baby Boutique,
Ellie Bellie Design,
Blueberry Bonnets and Prop Shop,
My New Love,
Le Petite Couture Designs,
Avonli Cottage,
and probably some others!


5) What was your favorite part of this session (i.e. baby snuggle time, great new prop used, location)?
You get DOUBLE the baby snuggle time with twin sessions!! I brought in my cousin as an assistant on this particular shoot, normally I don’t have an extra set of hands, but it was fun working with her and we took full advantage of having double the babies to cuddle with!


6) Do you shoot in studio, or on location? (if studio, tell us a bit about it!)
I shoot both, but newborns are typically in-studio. I have a small studio location on the Main Street in my town, which used to be an ice cream shop. It’s really cute and works for what I need… although my props might be starting to spill out everywhere! :)


7) What was your FAVORITE prop used during this session?
I’m OBSESSED with that woodland knotty-wood handled bucket from My New Love and honestly, I don’t know if there is a session where I don’t use my felt layers from milkmoney.  I love those!!


8) Anything fun, nerdy, or quirky about yourself that you’d like to share?
I passed out in the middle of my wedding ceremony right as we were saying the vows.

I have a crazy loud laugh…. my kids say it’s obnoxious! :)

I maintained a rubber stamping blog for MANY years and was known for my “coloring skills”. I spent a lot of time with a box of Crayola’s as a child!


EW Mccall | Featured vendor and giveaway!!


Hi Folks!

This week we are featuring an amazing clothing store called E.W.McCall.

SUPER cool and hip store that I can’t stop swooning over! Seriously, check them out!

Their shop has TONS of cool things to style any session. I am gaga over the clothes!

A blurb from the creators themselves:

‘E.W.McCall is a family based brand of designers established in 2009. For as long as we can remember we have been designing and creating. Our handmade goods reflect our southern heritage. We thrive on eclectic designs with modern fit and functionality.  Over the past few years we have built E.W.McCall into a lifestyle brand. Our favorite materials are vintage printed fabric, leather (ooo we love leather) and we love using the unexpected.’



Can you believe this toy horse? What a fabulous addition to a stylized shoot for children! The shirt above is by them too! Blue tie on the back is supposed to be a bow tie but my husband or I have no clue how to tie one, go figure!

OHEMGEE this headband. Must. Use. All. The. Time.


Follow E.W.McCall on IG


Etsy store

Who wants a giveaway??

They are graciously giving away a $25 shop credit to one lucky winner! Yippie!

Who wants free shipping?!?! Use code FREESHIP14  in their shop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*** Winners will be randomly selected within the next 7 days. To find out if you are the winner, please check back in 7 days… winners will also be notified by EMAIL through Rafflecopter (so keep an eye on your junk folders!).NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW…


Images in this blog copyright by Jessica Weinstock Photography


Featured Vendor & Discount!!! … Blue Bird Props


Honestly, I havent been this excited to feature a vendor in a while… this prop is exciting, its new, and its really something we ALL WANT!

They make… ready for it?
Not vinyl or typical backdrop..
they make the real deal.. FOR YOU, and easy to transport!

*check for discount below*


Get ready to meet, and adore,>>> BLUE BIRD PROPS <<<
1) What is the very first prop you made?
Give us some details… and looking back at it now…
We make travel wood floors for on location photographers, or photographers that have to use a small or convertible space. The floors are real wood and stained, which offer no glare for flash photography. They fold up easily and are light enough to carry.



2) What got you into the photography prop vendor world?
I’m a newborn photographer that shoots on location. I wanted to have great floors and backgrounds without the hassle of canvas or vinyl floors. So we invented the travel floor.

3) Share some love… please name your top 3 professional photographers who you love working with…
I haven’t gotten to work with any “big” name photographers yet. We are just starting out with a great product! My favorite newborn photographers though are : Kelly Brown, Dewdrops Photography, and Keri Meyers

4) Let’s have fun… any extraordinary talent, or obsession, that you’d like to share with us? IE: can you touch your tongue to your nose, or do you snowboard, maybe run marathons or like to mow the lawn in your bikini ? :)
I have an extraordinary sense of smell, that my family lovingly calls my “blood hound nose.”Serious;y if a skunk has sprayed within a 10 mile radius I’ll know about it! It’s a blessing and a curse ;)

5) What are all of your shop links, so we can cyber stalk your goodies and shop often! ?

6) Tell us about YOU… personally. Are you a wife, mother, sister friend. Do you enjoy sports, wine tasting, avid book reader.We’d love to get to know YOU better…
I’m a photographer. It’s funny because a few years ago I would have laughed at you and told you that would never be possible. I was working in a retail job I hated, that made my life miserable, and one day I decided that photography was something I had always loved since I was little-what the heck am I doing with my life not pursuing it!! So, now that I have a business I love defining myself by something I thought was impossible for so long.

Also a little oddity about me is while I’m a newborn photographer and now prop shop owner I don’t have any kids, and I was an only child. Sometimes that throughs people off, but I’ve always had a back for working with children regardless. I guess thats how yo know its meant to be :)

10) How did you “name” your prop shop? We love to hear how all of these creative shop names came to be…
The prop shop was created by me and my boyfriend. My name starts with a B, and his initials are BB, and BB was a nickname on of my dearest friends has for me too. Not to mention I’ve already picked out B names for our kids one day ;) So we knew that prop shop had to have B’s! We wanted something a little county and cute, but not too cute. We came up with Bluebird Props. It was just perfect.


So Cute Photo San Jose Family Photography


For a limited time, get $25 off with code PROMO25
good thru September.

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