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Session Share with Shannon Leigh Photography!



A fun and fabulous session share with photographer Shannon Leigh Photography

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1) Where are you located in the lovely world, AND how long ago was this session shot?
I am located in St. Louis, MI. We are literally right smack dab in the middle of the mitten, so if you hold your left hand up and point directly in the middle you will find me. ;)

This Session was shot on August 15th, 2014. I know nobody ever gives an exact date but I’m kind-of a scheduling geek.


2) What did you shoot with for this session? Gear geek talk me..
I shot this session with my Canon 5D Mark II. Lenses used were the 50 mm 1.4 Prime and the Lensbaby Composer Pro with sweet 35 optic. I love both of these lenses and use them with every session (besides newborns).


3) Did you have a prop theme, and if so, How did your prop “theme” come to life?
Yes. When the clients first approached me about using the car somehow in the session I was so inspired. We knew we wanted to keep this first set of Hannah’s Senior photos with an old timey/vintage feel but also keep it downtown. After talking about the “feel” we wanted to achieve we added the dress, heels, and balloons. I ended up changing the location last minute after seeing the “Grease Auditions” posted at the local theater. It spoke to me instantly and I knew I had to incorporate it somehow.


4) Where did you get your props for this specific session?
The main prop for the session was the 1957 Chevy Bel Air. This was provided by the clients cousin who was more than willing to drive around and park anywhere we needed. The Dress was purchased in Pentwater, MI at a store called Craze and the designer is Stop Staring by Alicia Estrada. The red heels were purchased at KMART.


5) What was your favorite part of this session (i.e. baby snuggle time, great new prop used, location)?
Honestly my favorite part of the session was working with the family. They were all so willing to help with whatever I needed. Hannah (the senior) also had great ideas and was fun to collaborate with!


6) Do you shoot in studio, or on location? 
I shoot both in studio and on location. I shoot all children/senior session outdoors on location and all newborn sessions in studio. 99% of my child/senior sessions are customized and stylized to fit the client. Because of this I often have set-up’s at different locations. I couldn’t count the number of hours my hubby and I have spent setting up and tearing down props…LOL.


I am super excited about my new studio space. It is actually in the reno stages right now but is coming along amazingly. My favorite part about it is the main wall that features reclaimed barn wood and shelving to hold all of my newborn props.


7) What was your FAVORITE prop used during this session?
This my sound crazy but my favorite prop used during this session was the Red Heels. I’m a sucker for an awesome pair of heels….. :)

8) Anything fun, nerdy, or quirky about yourself that you’d like to share?
I touch the tip of my nose when I’m thinking. A friend pointed this out to me about 5 years ago and now I notice myself doing it all the time…

img_0953_copy hjvhj_edited1_copy final_copy

Find more of Shannon, and checkout her beautiful work..

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Prop Insanity Magazine & Guide – ISSUE 2 …. it’s here!



Our Issue 2 is ready to launch!

After the “birth” of the first Prop Insanity Magazine & Guide, and the HUGE response from fans… we decided to come out with a “smaller” second edition for the fall.

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This Issue 2 is full of the same fun things:
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In addition… we have added in a full WORKSHOP guide.  Helping our fans grow & flourish through a great list of education for all things PHOTOGRAPHY based.

We hope you love it… and do apologize for the drool that may commence on your keyboard…. those prop theme images are DARLING!

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Read & view the digital copy >>> click here <<< for FREE!
Download & own the digital copy >>> click here <<< for only $3
Or … Buy the new PRINTED copy >>> click here <<< for only $24.99!!!



Celebrity Photographer Interview with… Sarah Anne Photography


Sarah Anne is a photographer I fell in LOVE with through our weekly Prop Theme Image Inspiration Share…
and with that thought, I cannot wait to share her, and her fabulous art, with YOU!


1) What is your photography site, blog url , and any other sites you own that you’d like to share with us?
Main Site:

(I’ll be honest, my site hasn’t been updated in over 6months!)

(My most current work is here!)


2) What sparked your interest in the photography world, and when did you start first professionally shooting clients?

Plus, where are you located?
I am located in the heart of Ft. Thomas, KY, just a few minutes from Cincinnati. Photography became my love while I was a pre-med student. I began taking more and more art and photography courses. I eventually switched universities and my major. I graduated with a BA in Art Education and minor in photography in 2006. I didn’t start shooting professionally until the end of 2011. I opened my first studio in 2012 and moved to my second and current studio in 2013.


3) And we have to ask, our typical question…… WHAT DO YOU SHOT WITH, and what is your favorite lens?
I am a Canon girl for sure. I started with my little Rebel XT SLR and now shoot with a 5D Mark III. My nifty fifty rarely leaves my camera. I love my primes. I also use my 100mm/2.8(macro) for portrait and detail shots as well as my 85mm/1.2 for portraits. The bokeh is just yummy and sweet. My dream lens is the 200mm.


4) Let’s have fun… any extraordinary talent, or obsession, that you’d like to share with us? IE: can you touch your tongue to your nose, or do you snowboard, maybe run marathons or like to mow the lawn in your bikini ? :)
Well, I am a bit of a Harry Potter nerd. I actually edit while watching Harry Potter films. have my editing timed by Harry Potter films. They get me in my editing groove. Hey, some people like music, I like my movies. HAHA. I have been known to wear quirky Harry Potter t-shirts frequently.


5) Now this will be fun, seeing that you have worked with so many amazing vendors that we love & adore as well… it will be a hard one for you, but do you think you can give us a TOP 5 list of prop shops that you love “GO TO”? Please share (and include url)… in no order:

1. Zoe and Oliver
2. TFJ Designs
3. Castaway Collection
4. Sunshine Couture
5. The Crafty European


6) Do you shoot on location, or do you have a studio that you work out of?
I shoot on location, but have a studio located in Ft. Thomas, KY which is just a few miles south of Cincinnati. I love shooting in the studio, but certain times of the year I can’t wait to be outdoors.


7) Do you use actions (have a favorite?), or do you process on your own? We’d love to hear about your #1 processing technique that you seem to use on every edit.
I do use some actions, but I always tweak them. I love some actions by Greater than Gatsby, Blue Dandelion, Florabella, as well as several others. I crop and sharpen every image. That’s a necessary step for me. Lately, I’ve been playing with darker and more artistically edited images. I feel I am constantly evolving and testing new techniques.


8) Share with us your ALL TIME #1 FAVORITE image in your portfolio (make sure to label this photo FAVORITE)?
Oh, wow. This is a tough question. I am liking my most current work the most. I feel it’s the direction I am wanting to go with me art. So this image is actually fairly recent.

9) Do you have any other photography based adventures planned for the near future? For instance, your mentoring.. w’ed LOVE to hear more!
I don’t plan on mentoring or teaching anytime soon or if I ever will. While I am an art teacher by day, I just don’t see my work to be at a level that I think it should be for me to feel comfortable mentoring or teaching. I am constantly learning myself. I honestly feel that if ever the day comes that I think I know it all, it will be the day I need to hang up my camera. I pray I never see that day.
I AM wanting to do more shooting for my own ideas and art. I always feel like like a weight has been lifted and my creative spark ignites when I shoot for myself. I am planning a special series. We are fighting breed specific legislation in my city and I want to do something to help put pit bulls in a “prettier” light.


10) Any fabulous formative info you can “share” with fellow photographers ? Just starting out or seasoned professionals… we could always use inspiration… so we’d love a “pep talk” !
I often find myself in a rut. I drool of other photographers’ work and daydream about sessions I want to style and shoot. I then look at my current work and want to scream. Not because I feel my work is awful, but more because it’s not what I want it to be. I have learned that when I feel this way it’s time for me to get out and shoot for me. I either go out with some local photographer friends or alone with a model. Doing this ever so often gets me excited about my work. I usually can’t wait to get home and open up that session. Shooting just for fun relieves my stress. It allows me to focus more on where I want to go and experiment with how to get there. I love looking at beautiful images by others. I have never found myself getting jealous, but rather inspired to push myself. I think a lot of newer photographers see the end result of others and get discouraged. My advice about this is to remember we all have been at that starting point. Don’t forget it’s a about the journey and not always about the final result. Learn and keep moving forward. Let your work evolve. It won’t ever be enough for you if you are always chasing someone else.

sarah_anne_photography9 sarah_anne_photography10

Find more of Sarah Anne on these links…



Featured Vendor & Discount… Stitched by Elizabeth!



1) What is the very first prop you made?
Give us some details… and looking back at it now…
The very first prop I made was a crocheted puppy hat. It was adorable and it was for my middle son, Ethan (who adores doggies.) Looking back at it now, I cannot believe how long it took me to make that sweet hat. I also cannot believe how much my style has changed since I started. Now, I focus on beautiful yarn, neutral colors and deep textures.


2) What got you into the photography prop vendor world?
I work really close with a local photographer who is extremely talented. She was looking for more vendor relationships and I was looking for professional photos. It seemed like a win-win.


3) Share some love… please name your top 3 professional photographers who you love working with…
Legacy Portraits by Kayte
Carrie Weaver Photography
Kristi Hosier Photography

4) Let’s have fun… any extraordinary talent, or obsession, that you’d like to share with us? IE: can you touch your tongue to your nose, or do you snowboard, maybe run marathons or like to mow the lawn in your bikini ? :)
I’m a runner. I run all the time. My friends think I’ve lost my mind. I’m training for my first marathon in November and I can’t wait!


5) What are all of your shop links, so we can cyber stalk your goodies and shop often! ?


6) Tell us about YOU… personally. Are you a wife, mother, sister friend. Do you enjoy sports, wine tasting, avid book reader.

We’d love to get to know YOU better…
I’m a wife of 8 years and a mother to three bouncing boys. My oldest just went to Kindergarten, which makes me both proud and sad at the same time. I stay at home with the little guys and try to raise them intentionally. When I’m not chasing little boys, I usually have a hook in my hand or running shoes on my feet. I’m active in my church and community-both of which are very important to me.


7) Share with us your ALL TIME #1 FAVORITE image in your portfolio (make sure to label this photo FAVORITE)?
There are 337 professional images in my pictures folder, so it is so incredibly hard to narrow it down.


8) Do you have any other photography based adventures planned for the near future? For instance, collaborating with workshops?
I recently collaborated with Legacy Portraits by Kayte for some marketing material for a local boutique that I sell through. That was a lot of fun. I do not have any other photography based adventures planned for the very near future, but I’m always on the lookout.


9) Any fabulous formative info you can “share” with fellow vendors who are just starting out? We could always use inspiration… so we’d love a “pep talk” !
Just do “you.” Be original and creative. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or saying. Strive to give the best customer service that you can give and create amazing items.


10) How did you “name” your prop shop? We love to hear how all of these creative shop names came to be…
I wanted to be able to keep my name if I started knitting, sewing or doing something else creative. “Stitched” fit really well because it describes where I’m at today, but could easily be translated to where I’ll be in the future. “Elizabeth Ingrid” are my first and middle names.

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