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Prop Insanity

The CREATIVE ARTIST COLLECTION {Vol2} Editing Webinar… April!


Limited seats are still available… but hurry, this is a one time event!

Prop Insanity proudly brings you, an editing webinar unlike any other… An insanely fabulous collaboration with Three photographers worldwide, connecting them into ONE live webinar event, to bring you the editing techniques of different genres and styles in ONE!
We like to call it…

The Creative Artist Collection – A Simply Unique Webinar!


Watch live, as three exciting and unique artists, all with their own creative editing techniques and genre, edit one of their favorite and most recognized images… start to finish via Photoshop.  Learn the secrets behind their hand editing techniques, and favorite actions, used to create the finished piece of photographic art.

Liz Franco will show you editing stunning & vibrant BEAUTY photography
Keri Meyers will showcase that beautiful, creamy, newborn skin & edits
Jamie Faulkner will bring warmth, contrast & dramatic tones to your outdoor child images

$150… limited seats.

Details & Restrictions:

  • Class will last approximately 60 minutes… .
  • Details and login will be sent to attendees day of webinar.
  • This is a “silent” class, though each artist may select 1-2 questions (via message box).
  • Class is held via GoToMeeting.
  • Non refundable, though if you are unable to attend you may sell your seat.
  • Seats are for (1) person, and sharing by multiple persons (watching screen etc) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Videotaping is forbidden, though hand notes are encouraged.
  • Prop Insanity may refund and cancel any purchase made, if a viable reason for termination is found by administrators.

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Session Share with Molly & Matt Photo


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1) Where are you located in the lovely world, AND how long ago was this session shot?
Fort Myers, Florida and session was held on January 31, 2015


2) What did you shoot with for this session? Gear geek talk me..

20150204_0045 20150204_0044

3) Did you have a prop theme, and if so, How did your prop “theme” come to life?
Bubble Gum themed, I knew I wanted it to be colorful with a tub of gum balls and I added other props to tie in Valentine’s Day like a heart, XO letters, red balloon and a few other touches.

20150204_0042 20150204_0041

4) Where did you get your props for this specific session (share those prop shops!)?
Carousel Petite Size Antique Gumball Machine
Over 12 lbs of gumballs ordered in bulk via Amazon
X and O letters purchased from Jo-Anne’s and decoupaged with newspaper
Old chest DECOUPAGED with children’s books
Giant garden tub borrowed from a friend
Large red balloom by Martha Stewart (JC Pennys) and red tassle from Party City
Coca-Cola bottle filled with Gobstoppers
Crown from Love Crush Bowtique
Sunglasses from Party City
Lil Cupid Heart Bow and Arrow Set from Lil’ Bird Couture
Red rocking chair from garage sale
Studio Décor® Marquee Sign, Heart from Michael’s


5) What was your favorite part of this session (i.e. baby snuggle time, great new prop used, location)?
We had a great time photographing all of the children exploring the candy, tub of gum balls, giant red balloon, and decorated chest. They really had a blast with all the goodies we had planned. The images from the day are beautiful and we could not have asked for a better group of kiddos to work with!!!!


6) Do you shoot in studio, or on location? (if studio, tell us a bit about it!)
on location in SWFL

20150204_0037 20150204_0036

7) What was your FAVORITE prop used during this session?
Loved the giant red balloon, tub of gum balls, and the old chest


Peanut & Pip Photography – Featured Photographer



1) What is your photography site, blog url , and any other sites you own that you’d like to share with us?

Main Site:
Instagram: @peanutpipphotography
Personal Instagram: @justjenniferb



2) What sparked your interest in the photography world, and when did you start first professionally shooting clients?Plus, where are you located?

I am located on Long Island, New York, but travel all around the NYC metro area.

I feel like photography is in my blood. My father was a hobbyist but he could have been professional if he wanted to. I grew up seeing his images on our walls. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a fashion photographer and my best friend was an aspiring model so we would have photo shoots often! Many years later, I wound up working in the print department of a major media company and my title was Coordinator of Photography. It wasn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds, but I basically dealt with procuring all the images that were used in our ads for print and video. I occasionally worked with photographers and I learned a lot about stock photography and copyright.

After 7 years, I left to pursue my degree in Interior Design, but photography was always a huge part of my work and I always had a camera with me. After I graduated I worked at a small local firm and my boss was very encouraging of my photography. When the economy started going down, I was laid off and I spent a lot or time honing my photography skills while job hunting (everything but portraits!) I became pregnant a short time later with my first daughter (the Peanut part of Peanut and PIp!) and after she was born, I dedicated to learning how to shoot portraits and about year later, I launched my business, then named Jennifer Beitchman Photography. That was in 2010.

In 2014, I changed my business name to Peanut and Pip Photography, which I named after my girls, Zoe (Peanut) and Piper (ever the Pip!!!)


3) And we have to ask, our typical question…… WHAT DO YOU SHOT WITH, and what is your favorite lens?
I am a Canon girl. I have 2 Mark III’s. I have a lot of lenses:

Canon 24mm 1.4L
Canon 50mm 1.2L
Sigma 50mm ART 1.4 (I just got this lens and it is SO sharp!)
Sigma 85mm 1.4 (my least used lens)
Canon 100mm Macro 1.2L
Canon 135mm 1.2L (an amazing lens)
Canon 70-200 2.8L

I use the 70-200 90% of the time, but the new Sigma ART 500mm is so sharp and I’m loving using it. I’m trying to use the 135 again too, especially because it SO much lighter and smaller than the 70-200! But I love the compression and creaminess to both of them.


4) Let’s have fun… any extraordinary talent, or obsession, that you’d like to share with us? IE: can you touch your tongue to your nose, or do you snowboard, maybe run marathons or like to mow the lawn in your bikini ? :)
Sometimes I think photography is my life and eat, sleep and breathe it! I still love Interior Design and often daydream about building or renovating my dream house. I’m kind of obsessed with chocolate, which is terrible for a diet plan. I love zombie and vampire shows, even though I have nightmares about zombies all the time! My two whippets, Hudson and Ellie are my constant companions around the house (Hudson likes to supervise my bathroom visits and Ellie is always snuggling with me whenever possible and loves to sleep under my desk while I work.) I spend WAY too much time shopping for my girls! And I love my wine, specifically a good, dry white like a Sauvignon Blanc. That is always a good way to end the day.


5) Now this will be fun, seeing that you have worked with so many amazing vendors that we love & adore as well… it will be a hard one for you, but do you think you can give us a TOP 5 list of prop shops that you love “GO TO”? Please share (and include url)… in no order:

I rarely buy from prop vendors. I’ve bought stuff from Etsy and I love LoveCrushBowtiques crowns. But most of my bigger props have come from garage sales and flea market/antique fairs. My favorite tricycle was given to by my next-door neighbor! My brother-in-law has often hooked me up with the best props too. He has found some amazing things on the curb and I often come home to random props in front of my garage! My dad has also picked up some great stuff for me as well. Home Goods has also always been a great source to find interesting things.


6) Do you shoot on location, or do you have a studio that you work out of?
I am an on-location, natural light shooter. I have taken lighting work shops and I love what effects can be achieved with a great knowledge of lighting, but my heart belongs in natural light. I don’t have a studio but I really would love to have a big, natural light studio. It difficult not shooting in the winter because of our cold temperatures in the northeast and I’d love to have the flexibility of having the option to shoot indoors. I love shooting in the snow, but have yet to convince clients to do it, so I subject my girls to it. But some of my favorite images of them are in the snow! Since my passion for photography is rooted in landscape, it plays a very important part in my portraiture and one of the reasons I prefer to work on-location.


7) Do you use actions (have a favorite?), or do you process on your own? We’d love to hear about your #1 processing technique that you seem to use on every edit.
I do use actions, but I don’t rely on them entirely. I do a mixture of hand editing and actions and when I do use actions, I tweak them completely for a customized look. I love the Florabella actions but I have SO many from other companies and mix and match them I created a set of my favorites in Photoshop and sometimes I don’t even remember where I pulled them from! So even though I do use actions, I consider my editing hand editing because I do each image individually.


8) Share with us your ALL TIME #1 FAVORITE image in your portfolio (make sure to label this photo FAVORITE)?
Picking a favorite is like Sophie’s Choice. I have so many favorites; of my girls, of clients, of styled shoots….and my favorites change all the time as I shoot more and learn more. A current favorite of this one of Zoe that I took last summer. I had shot a client in that sculpture and when Zoe saw it, she asked if I would take a picture of her like that. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. One evening, we had beautiful light and it wasn’t crazy humid, like it usually is on Long Island, so we went and I got some amazing shots of her. She actually wants a different pose blown up in her room and I love that she loves them too.


9) Do you have any other photography based adventures planned for the near future? For instance, your mentoring.. w’ed LOVE to hear more!
My only plans are to keep shooting and hopefully growing my business. I live in a VERY-oversaturated area so if I ever did decide to mentor, it would not be for local photographers.

I am a big believer in shooting for yourself. While my girls are my often shot subjects, I do have a couple of other “models” that inspire me. I often create photo shoots just for them! I LOVE doing styled sessions and I would love to do more for clients.


10) Any fabulous formative info you can “share” with fellow photographers ? Just starting out or seasoned professionals… we could always use inspiration… so we’d love a “pep talk” !
My advice to photographer just starting out is do your homework. Learn proper lighting and composition. Learn how to shoot in manual and really learn your camera. Learn Photoshop but not to rely on it. And do your own leg work. Its very frustrating when other new photographers want someone to hand them all the answers and shooting locations. When I was just starting out, I knew maybe one other photographer and she wasn’t helping me, so I needed to discover everything on my own, like what labs to use and not to use (that’s trial and error based on preference.) I discovered my locations by scouting. I still do that myself! I was added to a local photographer group after about 2 years in business and I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Getting to know other local photographers can be an invaluable thing. Don’t undercut other photographers and learn how to price properly. Working smarter and less for more money will less of a chance of burn out down the road. Take workshops but find YOUR style, not copying someone else’s. It takes time to hone a craft, but you should really have a full grasp of photography before you start charging clients.