Prop Insanity + Creative Artist Collection

Notice a change on our page?

YES! We are combining 2 sister sites into 1 FABULOUS site for you. Prop Insanity will be merging with our sister site Creative Artist Collection.

WHAT WILL CHANGE? Nothing much…
We will still host our PROP THEMES here on this page…
just changed up the logo here to reflect the CAC identity.
What about the Prop Insanity BLOG?
The url will remain the same … but the blog will switch from only prop vendors, to be host of creative artists who we will interview & share with the world!

What about the CAC site?
The url will remain the same … where we will host our plethora of Online CLASSES and Shoot Out EVENTS.
So will you join us? And welcome the merge of our photography loving companies into one fabulously creative world! <3
xo Tracy Joy… the Mad Hatter behind the INSANITY!
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FREE SEAT! Hand Editing Video Collection – 15 Teachers!

*thanks to everyone who entered*

After much thought… we have pulled together the HAND EDITING Video Library!

For those of you looking for hand edits… this is it.
15 Artists… all hand edits – NO ACTIONS OR PRESETS.

Our Artists cover it ALL.

And…. here at Prop Insanity, we are giving away a FREE SEAT!
How to win? 
Comment on this post, and let us know when you started photography?
Simple as that… so LET’S GO!

Creative Artist Collection – HAND EDITING – Volume 3

Want to buy a seat?  This week is the EARLY BIRD SALE… only $279.00… but hurry! 
Sale ends on October 7th… so hurry for the early bird price! $379.00


2016 – Top 5 Creative & Inspirational Photographers


With all of the inspiring new, and seasoned, artists out there… I thought it would be personally fun and exciting to pull together a TOP 5 of our favorites.  Give them some credit for inspiring us every day, and sharing their talents with the world.  So… here is our first TOP 5 CREATIVE & INSPIRATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS of 2016.


5. Tara Lesher Photography

I have been a fan of Tara’s work since day one.  Her creativity is endless, and her images leave me smiling.  Looking at one of her images, is like being transported into a childrens story book.


4. Luisa Dunn Photography

Luisa Dunn is a newborn photographer like no other… Her use of color and props has always held my attention.  And this past year she started sharing & selling her gorgeously creative digital backdrops.  Wreaths, buckets, colorful delights that she now shares with happy photographers worldwide.


3. Lemmonmade Photography

Stephanie Lemmon, of Lemmonmade, has truly been an inspiration to child photographers in 2016.  Her thought-out use of props, fully styled sessions, and gorgeous wardrobe are not only inspiring… but eye catching.  They beam with happiness & childhood perfection.  An artist who’s photographic work is like opening a fairytale book.


2. Kelsey Freeman

2016 has been Kelseys year.  Her growth and amazing detailed work has brought her attention worldwide.  My favorite thing about Kelsey… she is REAL.  Kelsey loves to share her before & after images… giving us an insight to the extensive editing & post processing work she puts into each and every beautiful image.


1. Cleare Photography

The queen of composites.   Taking a studio image, and bringing it to life outdoors with her creative use of beautiful composites.  Aoife, from Cleare Photography, likes to shoot her own outdoor images, then transport her sleepy newborn clients via perfectly thought out composites.  I cannot get enough of her work… she truly inspires me to think outside the box each and every day!




Want to see someone you love featured? Or yourself? Comment below with a link, and we’ll check them out! <3

xo Tracy Joy & the PI team

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Creative Artist BACK TO SCHOOL SALE – 5 days only $195!
Haven’t joined the Creative Artists yet?
Then this the time to buy, 30% off – each library has 30+ videos!
Want to learn HAND EDITING? Plus how to properly use Photoshop Actions, and understand Lightroom processing?
Each library has 30+ videos, each of which has a minimum of 10 hand edited videos… SO MUCH TO LEARN from these amazing teachers.
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Downtown Chicago SHOOT OUT… Just $179!

My dorky self Tracy Joy… plus Cream n Cocoa Photography and Thomas & Thomas Photography will be hosting a ONE TIME EVENT… in our beautiful city, this August. Limited seats… so hop on board -$179!

Sass in the City Shoot Out… with Cream N Cocoa, Tracy Joy, and Thomas & Thomas Photography

Saturday August 27th, in the gorgeous downtown of Chicago Illinois!

Minimum of three (3) children models will be dressed and styled for the event… City Chic, Boho Beauty, Couture Cutie! Think… breakfast at Tiffany’s look (featuring a custom outfit from Alexandria Olivias fall 2016 collection), with a great mix of other outfits.

Enjoy the perks of a fully and beautifully STYLIZED Child shoot out.  From models, to props, we have set it up for you to the fullest content.

Shoot along side with mentors, Cream N Cocoa, Tracy Joy & Sarah from Thomas & Thomas… seeing how they pose and work with the models to achieve the most flattering and photographic images come alive.

All details are worked out for you, just arrive… shoot, network and HAVE FUN!  Shooting will end as the gorgeous Chicago City sun sets.

Includes the 2 hour shoot out event, starting in late afternoon/early evening around 6pm, where you will observe and learn posing techniques with our beautiful stylized child models.


$100 off… and DOWNLOADS!

Quick little announcement for all of our Creative Artist Editing Library Fans…


#1. We have 6 days left for our $100 off sale, on the Editing Library Vol.2 (with 29 artists!).  SALE Price is only $179… regular price will be $279

#2. As announced last week… all videos in this new volume will be online AND available for FREE downloads!  Yes, you read that right.

Have a questions, ask us!

  1. Can we save videos?  YES! All collections will be downloadable.
  2. Is Vol 1 going to be downloadable too?  YES! An announcement will be coming soon to all Vol.1 attendees.
  3. When does class start?  JULY 1ST.. just around the corner!
  4. How many teachers are involved?  29 unique teachers!  Categories are NEWBORN, MATERNITY, CHILDREN, CREATIVE & FILM!

    We are super excited for our July 1st launch… so grab your ticket now, before the price goes up.

Smile, it’s MONDAY!
xo Tracy Joy and the Creative Artist Team

29 teachers | 32+ editing tutorials | all online, 24/7 & DOWNLOADS


Last Chance at $125 VIP Sale – Editing Library Volume 2 {new artists!}

Creative Artist Collection EDITING Library – Volume 2

$279.00 $125.00


Fine tune your editing workflow, learn new and unique ways of post processing, find out how your favorite photographic mentors edit start to finish!

Whether it’s finding the right skin tone, or adding a beautiful vintage haze, our creative artists will help you learn to love your editing workflow. They will guide you thru their step by step post processing, giving you their trade secrets and a new love for your editing!

Learn hand editing… how to properly use actions and presets… and how your favorite artists make the MAGIC happen in their final images.  *each artist edits differently, some use strictly hand editing, others use a mix of hand edits and actions/presets*
30+ Images from 28 amazingly talented & creative photographers!


  • 28 Outstanding artists… with 30+ editing videos
  • Fine tune your editing workflow
  • Learn new and unique ways of post processing
  • Find out how your favorite photographic mentors edit start to finish
  • Be inspired, and reignite your own creativity
  • Learn hand edits & how to properly use actions and/or presets
  • No waivers, or distance perimeter… ANYONE can join
  • Watch ONLINE, any day and time of the week